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500KG Manual Hydraulic Platform Lift Table Scissor Trolley Lift

Lift height
Work height
Load capacity
Platform size

The Hydraulic Platform Lift is generous and beautiful, the structure is firm,stable and the internal performance and service life have reached the advanced level of the same equipment. The design structure is reasonable, stable and reliable, full sealed oil cylinder, manual control of hydraulic system lifting, convenient and simple operation.It can improve work efficiency.


Small-scale hydraulic platform lift popular because they are simple and lightweight

Manual lifting platform is easy to operate and durable.Lifting and transporting goods to the ideal position through hydraulic operation of the foot pedal.The descending speed can be controlled by hand.

Small scale hydraulic platform lift is widely used and in great demand. In various factories, logistics parks, warehouses, etc., when handling goods, loading and unloading goods, a large number of small-scale hydraulic platform lift are required.


The hydraulic platform lift is flexible and comfortable to operate

500KG lift table is hydraulic lift table,it is accuate lifting control,safe and reliable.It has durable tyre,it is wear-resistant and does not harm the floor.This is high quality hydraulic pump. Handle control drop, it can control the drop position and speed at will, more flexible, more comfortable.

The bulky working platform itself will bring inconvenience. If the platform lift that can be operated by one person needs two people to operate, it will increase a lot of costs and reduce work efficiency


Hydraulic platform lift is more durable

The manual scissor trolley high quality steel.This is body structure.The use of very thick quality steel plate, more reliable, more safe.

Hydraulic platform lift uses high-quality steel, which is more durable and prolongs the service life of platform lift. The unique manufacturing cost advantage in China and high-quality steel prolong the service life of hydraulic platform lift, so that you can get more work efficiency and economic benefits.


Hydraulic platform lift adopts durable hydraulic pump

Hydraulic lift table has high the best pump.Each cylinder adopts hydraulic test, fatigue and wear test, to ensure that each factory equipment quality qualified, long service life, with overload relief valve.


Manual hydraulic platform lift has high quality cylinder.This is our high quality hydraulic cylinder.It has long service life.As shown in the figure, the design is exquisite and beautiful. High quality hydraulic pump looks beautiful, comfortable and easy to operate.


The lift table has polyurethane wheels. Casters are made of high quality PU polyurethane wheels, wear resistant and quiet.Thickened safety brake, safe and convenient.

Whether you are an equipment rental company, an individual or a warehouse manager, if you plan to purchase hydraulic platform lifts. We can all provide the best supply scheme. Tuhe lifts is a professional hydraulic platform lifts manufacturer and supplier , providing OEM & custom hydraulic platform lifts services. This product is a product description provided by us. If you know more about platform lifts, please contact us.

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The 500KG Manual Hydraulic Platform Lift Table Scissor Trolley Lift is definitely worth the money!

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