Cargo Lift also called Goods lift

Cargo Lift is a kind of multifunctional lifting mechanical equipment, also called Goods lift. It can be divided into fixed Cargo Lift and mobile Cargo Lift, rail-type Cargo Lift, crank-arm Cargo Lift, scissor-type Cargo Lift, chain-type Cargo Lift, loading and unloading platform, etc., which are usually used for rescue and decoration; and Cargo Lift Lift is a kind of equipment that lifts and lifts goods through manual operation and completes the safe transportation of upper and lower floors. According to the type, it can be divided into: scissor lift and guide rail lift. It is mainly used for high-altitude cargo transportation up and down in factory assembly lines, cargo warehouses, parking lots, docks, construction, logistics, etc.

Custom Hydraulic cargo lift

Hydraulic cargo lift is divided into guide rail model and scissor model, they have different installation requirements. Hydraulic cargo lift is a customized product according to customers needs, such like platform size, load capacity, lifting height and etc. It is an economic, efficient and laborsaving goods transport solution.

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