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Home lift, scissor lift and boom lift manufacturer and supplier

Tuhe Lift is a leading lift manufacturer in China, located in the "Hometown of China's Lifting Platform Manufacturing---Jiyang", was co-founded in 2012 by 6 senior engineers, it aims to be the best lift manufacture in China with the world class standard. We own three production workshops and one exhibition hall, more than 300 employees and 20 distributors. With years of developing and manufacturing experience we independently developed six big series and fifty varieties, such as scissor lift, mast lift, articulated boom lift, cargo lift and home lift series. Our products have the highest cost performance and reliable quality. We have got a reputation by selling our goods towards domestic market and overseas market such as America, Australia, German, Algeria, Peru and etc. We can custom-build good safety & high efficiency machines for you. We can also provide OEM services for you. We are the most professional manufacturer and supplier of Scissor platform lift, Vertical mast lift, Towable/Mobile Boom Lift, Cargo Lift ,Wheelchair Lift and small home Lift. If you are looking for a lift manufacturer, Tuhe lift is your best choice.

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We are a leading aerial work platform and home lift manufacturer in China.

We own three production workshops and one exhibition hall, more than 300 employees and 20 distributors. We strictly abide by the ISO 9001 quality certification requirements, base on Jinan China, and actively expand the global market. Through the development of decades, our products have perfect supply chain system, technical support system and after sales service system, which can provide customers with free design, quick delivery and complete technical service. Our goal of satisfying customers 100% has allowed us to grow from a product company into a progressive organization with perfect supply chain system of world class.

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For 11 years, Home elevator manufacturer and supplier in China.

For 10 years, Only Dedicated for Serving for the Advertising & Promotion Business.As the most professional home lift, scissor lift and boom lift manufacturer and supplier in China, we constantly explore and innovate. Obtained a number of lift invention patents. Here are our important lift categories.




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We custom Scissor lift manufacturer and supplier

Our Scissor lift is Mobile platform lift. Main lift have Towable Mobile Scissor Lift,Self Propelled Scissor Lift and Crawler Scissor Lift in china lift factory. Tuhe is professional Scissor lift manufacturer and supplier china.

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We are boom lift manufacturer and supplier

Boom lift is divided into towable boom lift and self propelled boom lift. This kind of lift has articulating arms for a large working distance and it can rotate 360° for different working conditions. Tuhe is boom lift manufacturers and suppliers form china.As one of the best boom lift manufacturers, OEM and custom boom lifts for you.

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