Classification and use of cargo lift for home

2022-12-06 16:12:15

Cargo lift for home is a lifting mechanical equipment or device for a platform or a semi-enclosed platform that carries goods up and down the vertical passageway. It is a whole consisting of platforms and the equipment, motors, cables and other auxiliary equipment used to manipulate them.

At present, there are many types of cargo lift for home on the market. Generally, we can simply divide cargo lift for home into mobile lifts, aluminum alloy lifts, curved arm/straight arm lifts, guide rail lifts, and cylinder-mounted lift platforms. There are six categories of vehicle-mounted lifting platforms, and mobile lifts are divided into two types: scissor-type mobile lifting platforms and self-propelled scissor-type lifting platforms. Guide rail lifts are divided into guide rail chain lifts and guide rail straight-top lifts. Aluminum alloy lifts are divided into: single-mast/double-mast/three-mast/four-mast/multi-mast aluminum alloy lifts.

In addition to the conventional cargo lift for home, there are also straight-arm aerial work platforms and articulating-arm aerial work platforms, among which self-propelled scissor aerial work platforms, aluminum alloy lifts, straight-arm aerial work platforms, and articulating-arm aerial work platforms The work platform is generally used for high-altitude operations, such as high-altitude cleaning, maintenance, etc., and the general height is within 40 meters. For example, the highest straight-arm aerial work platform can reach a maximum height of 38 meters, and the aluminum alloy lift can reach a maximum height of 22 meters; Fixed scissor lifts, mobile scissor lifts, guide rail chain lifts, and guide rail straight-top lifts are generally called freight elevators because they have a relatively large load capacity and are durable. They are generally used for vertical transportation of materials. This kind of freight elevator The maximum load capacity can even reach 10 tons.

Of course, these are basically not household. Because ordinary families rarely use these cargo lifts. Today we mainly explain the classification of cargo lift for home.

Mobile lifts are divided into two types: scissor-type mobile lifting platform, electric lifting, manual promotion, of course, there are also hand-operated lifting, manual promotion; self-propelled scissor lifting platform, electric lifting, electric walking, no need for people to push, people It can run at low speed on the platform, and the lifting height can reach 14 meters.

1. Scissor mobile cargo lifting platform for home

The scissor mobile cargo lifting platform can be divided into four-wheel mobile, traction, fixed, self-propelled, auxiliary self-propelled and so on.

(1). The four-wheel mobile lift is manual mobile, with four wheels for movement, simple and stable. The lowering power of each platform is two-phase, three-phase or DC 24V, 36V power supply, and it can also be changed to some oil generators as power. The control methods include manual control and electric control. There are also hand pumps and manual lowering equipment. It can still be used normally. It has the characteristics of sensitive movement, stable lifting, large load capacity, convenient operation, etc., stable lifting and easy operation. Work sensitively and use safely. Pure manual operation. Suitable for home use.

(2). The traction lifting platform adopts external power as traction lifting mechanical equipment, which is convenient and fast to move, and is suitable for long-distance work. The traction lifting platform is easy to move, suitable for various high and low outdoor terrains, and has a wide range of space work.

(3). The fixed lift is a kind of lift with good lifting stability, which is suitable for home use. It can be used for rapid loading and unloading of goods, etc.

According to the application requirements, it can be equipped with auxiliary equipment for arbitrary combination, such as safety protection equipment for fixed lifting platforms; electrical control equipment; working platform equipment; power equipment, etc. The correct selection of various equipment can maximize the performance of the cargo lifting platform and obtain the best use effect. The optional equipment of the fixed lifting platform includes artificial hydraulic power, movable flaps that are convenient to overlap with peripheral equipment, tumbling or motorized roller tables, safety touch strips to avoid foot rolling, organ-type safety shields, manual or motorized rotating work Platform, hydraulic flip table, safety support bar to prevent the lifting platform from falling, stainless steel safety net, electric or hydraulic lifting platform walking power system, universal ball table.

The fixed cargo lifting platform can be divided into a fixed lifting platform and a double-fork lifting platform according to the structure. The double-fork lifting platform can meet the customer's request for a slender table and a high load.

(4). The main features of the self-propelled hydraulic lifting platform are: the operator can control the mechanical lifting and walking without getting off the lifting platform, and can control the equipment on the table to move to other working places. The equipment itself has the driving function of walking and turning, without manual traction and external power supply. The movement is sensitive and convenient, making working at heights more convenient and fast. The DC electric drive wheel has a self-locking function, the brake is separated when the drive wheel is working, and it is automatically locked when it is not working. The self-propelled hydraulic lifting platform is the safest high-altitude working equipment for families.

The self-propelled cargo lifting platform consists of the following parts:

a. Scissor-type main structure, telescopic workbench, and safety guardrail.

b. Active walking DC electric drive wheel.

c. Hydraulic system: pump station, oil cylinder, etc.

d. DC power supply, charger.

e. Electric control box and operation box.

(5). The auxiliary self-propelled hydraulic lift has the function of automatic walking. It can be lifted and lowered freely under different working conditions without external power supply or external power traction, and the walking and steering of the equipment can be completed by only one person. The operator only needs to grasp the control handle in front of the equipment to complete the equipment's forward, retreat, turn, fast and slow walking and up and down actions. Sensitive movement, convenient operation, labor-saving and labor-saving. Especially suitable for families.

2. Aluminum alloy cargo elevator for home

Aluminum alloy cargo lifts can be divided into single-mast, double-mast, three-mast, and multi-mast aluminum alloy lifting platforms according to the mast. The more masts, the higher the lift, the less the load, and the lifting height can reach 23 meters.

The aluminum alloy cargo elevator is made of high-strength and excellent aluminum alloy material, which has the advantages of beautiful appearance, small size, light weight, flexible operation and convenient promotion. It has the advantages of stable lifting, safe and reliable. With its light appearance, it can perform the highest lifting capacity in a very small space. It is widely used in factories, hotels, restaurants, stations, theaters, exhibition halls and other occasions, and can also be used in homes. It is the best safe companion for maintenance of machinery, paint decoration, exchange of lamps, electrical appliances, cleaning and maintenance, etc.

The main products of aluminum alloy cargo lifts are divided into single-mast aluminum alloys, double-mast aluminum alloys, three-mast aluminum alloys, and four-mast aluminum alloys.

The characteristics of the aluminum alloy lift: the use of high-strength aluminum alloy materials has the advantages of beautiful appearance, small size, light weight, stable lifting, safety and reliability. With its light appearance, it can perform the highest lifting capacity in a very small space. The column lifting system has the characteristics of large load capacity, strong stability, large platform area, and convenient promotion.

Uses of aluminum alloy cargo lifts

Single-mast aluminum alloy cargo lift: This series of products is indoor type, widely used in high-altitude work in various professional halls and factories such as star hotels and large supermarkets, and can also be used for home high-altitude work. It has balanced lifting, easy operation, can enter the general hall, and can enter and exit the elevator at will. It consumes less power, has no pollution, and does not damage the ground during work. The single-column aluminum alloy electric lift is equipped with gantry cross attachments, which is very suitable for repair work in homes, theaters, auditoriums, churches, etc. The gantry span is easy to assemble, labor-saving to operate, and sensitive to move. It can cross obstacles such as fixed seats with a height of 1.1m, and can work stably on steps. Made of high-strength rectangular steel pipe, it has good rigidity and stability. Equipped with universal casters, flexible and flexible. The span of the two ends is adjustable, which can meet the requirements of crossing different obstacles. The two ends are vertically adjustable and can be used for working on slopes or steps with a certain inclination.

Double-mast aluminum alloy cargo elevator: a new generation of products with a new design, all made of high-strength aluminum profiles. Due to the high strength of the profiles, the deflection and swing of the lifting platform are extremely small. It adopts double-mast structure, which has large load capacity, large platform area, excellent stability, flexible operation and convenient promotion. With its light appearance, it can perform the highest lifting capacity in a very small space. The lift is widely used in homes, factories, hotels, buildings, shopping malls, stations, airports, stadiums, etc. It can be used for high-altitude work such as power lines, lighting appliances, elevated pipelines and other equipment protection, high-altitude cleaning and other single-person work.

Three-mast aluminum alloy cargo lift: three sets of masts support the working platform to lift synchronously, and the retraction structure is the same as that of the single-mast platform, which has a large load capacity and excellent working stability. The overall lift-type guardrail equipment has good strength, and the height of the whole machine is greatly reduced during transportation. The loading and unloading is very convenient, and the installation or disassembly can be completed by one lift. The lift has a strong bearing capacity and is suitable for two people (with certain weight tools and materials) to climb and work together; it can also be customized into various non-standard products according to different environments to meet different needs.

Four-column aluminum alloy cargo elevator: the entire body is made of high-strength aluminum profiles. Due to the high strength of the profiles, the four-column structure is adopted, which has excellent stability, sensitive work, large load capacity, large platform area, and easy promotion. With its light appearance, it can perform the highest lifting capacity in a very small space. Minimize the deflection and swing of the lifting platform. High-altitude work for single-person work such as high-altitude cleaning.

3. Straight, folding, articulating arm cargo lifts for home

Crank arm/straight arm lifts can be divided into crank arm (electric/diesel) lifts and straight arm lifts, with a lifting height of up to 36 meters.

The articulating arm lift is an updated product of the folding arm lift. It can work overhangs, cross certain obstacles, or lift at one place to carry out multi-point work; 360-degree rotation, the platform has a large load capacity of cargo, and can be used by two or more people to work together and carry certain equipment; the mobility of the lifting platform good, it is convenient to move the place; it has a beautiful appearance, and is suitable for large-scale work such as homes, stations, docks, shopping malls, stadiums, residential properties, factories and mines.

Articulated boom aerial work platforms can be divided into two types: straight arm and curved arm according to the arm span method. They are mostly used in places with high height requirements such as shipyards. This type of machine is safe and easy to move, but the cost is high. Widely used in homes, factories, active warehouses, parking lots, municipalities, stations, airports, theaters, exhibition halls, docks, construction, decoration, logistics, electricity, transportation, petroleum, chemical, hotels, gymnasiums, industrial and mining, companies, etc. work and repair. It is the best choice for maintenance of equipment, paint decoration, replacement of lamps, electrical appliances, cleaning and maintenance, etc. It can be planned and manufactured according to the application requirements. Fire brigades generally use this kind of lift.

4. Guide rail cargo lifting platform for home

There are two types of guide rail cargo elevators: guide rail chain elevators are driven by plate chains, and hydraulic cylinders are the main power; guide rail straight top elevators are rigidly linked, without chain traction, without hinge shaft links, and the lifting height can reach 16 meters.

Guide rail lift is a non-scissor hydraulic lifting mechanical equipment, used for the transportation of goods between the second and third floors of industrial plants, families, restaurants, and restaurants. The minimum height is 150-300mm, especially suitable for work that cannot excavate pits Occasionally, there is no need for upper lifting points, and the methods are diversified (single column, double column, four column). The transmission is economical and fast.

In addition to the safety equipment of the traditional traction elevator, the hydraulic elevator is also equipped with an overflow valve: it can prevent the system pressure from being too high during upward movement, and an emergency manual valve: when the power fails, the car can be lowered to the nearest level in an emergency. Open the door at the floor position, manual pump: when the system fails, the manual pump can be used to pump high-pressure oil to make the car rise to the nearest floor position; pipeline rupture valve: when the hydraulic system pipeline is broken and the car stalls and lowers, it can Automatically cut off the oil circuit to stop lowering. Fuel tank oil temperature protection: When the oil temperature in the fuel tank exceeds the standard setting value, the oil temperature protection device will send out a signal to suspend the operation of the elevator, and the elevator can be started only after the oil temperature drops.

Low cost and low failure rate: due to the use of leading hydraulic systems and excellent control methods, the failure rate of the elevator can be minimized. Low power consumption: When the hydraulic elevator goes down, it is driven by the pressure generated by its own weight, which greatly saves energy.

5. Cylinder lift for home

The cylinder-type elevator is a multi-stage hydraulic cylinder that rises upright. The hydraulic cylinder is made of high-strength materials and excellent mechanical properties. The tower-shaped ladder-shaped protective frame makes the lifting platform more stable. Even at an altitude of 20 meters, you can feel its superior stability. It is mainly used for high-altitude work such as power lines, lighting appliances, overhead pipelines and other equipment protection, high-altitude cleaning and other single-person work.

Brand-new design, double-ladder anti-rotation structure, double-speed lowering system, the maximum lift ranges from 35 meters, stable, reliable, beautiful, and easy to operate are the biggest features of the cylinder-type electric lift. The multi-stage hydraulic cylinder is used to rise vertically. The high-strength material of the hydraulic cylinder and excellent mechanical properties, as well as the tower-shaped ladder-shaped protective frame, make the elevator more stable. Even at an altitude of 20 meters, it is as stable as a mountain. Power selection: AC 220V (standard equipment), AC 380V power supply, DC power supply, manual pump.

The most general is also the most useful, climbing work may no longer be a worry. It is widely used in stations, factories, hotels, buildings, shopping malls, airports, stadiums, docks, hotels, airports and various occasions that require climbing work.

6. Vehicle-mounted lifting platform for home

The vehicle-mounted lifting platform is to improve the mobility of the lifting platform. The lifting platform is fixed on the battery truck or truck. It receives the power of the car engine to complete the lifting function of the vehicle-mounted lifting platform. Get used to working at heights inside and outside the factory. Widely used in high-altitude work in hotels, buildings, airports, stations, stadiums, workshops, warehouses, etc.; it can also be used as temporary high-altitude lighting, advertising, etc.


Aluminum alloy lifts, curved arm/straight arm lifts are mainly used for high-altitude operations, mobile lifts and vehicle-mounted lifts are easy to move, and the site can be changed quickly. Guide rail elevators are mainly used for vertical transportation of materials. Each of these lifts has its own characteristics and advantages, so when purchasing a lift, it is recommended to choose the lift that is most suitable for you according to your actual needs.

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