Famous Scissor lift brands in the world

2021-08-27 05:59:29

Scissor lift is an efficient and economic lift for aerial work which you can drive it to move around. It can be used indoors or outdoors. Dimensions, lifting height and load all can be customized according to your requirements. It is powered by batteries, it can walk on its own. This lift has long runtime and promote quiet work environments. The operator can drive it under working conditions at heights and complete up and down, forward, backward, steering and other works on the operating platform in the air. Electric scissor lift greatly saves man labor and working time. If you have requirements of scissor lift, here are some famous scissor lift brands in the world: 

1.    JLG Industries


JLG Industries is the subsidiary corporation of Oshkosh Corporation. It’s founded in 1969 with 20 workers, its headquarters is located in McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania, USA. As one of the leading manufacturers of aerial work platforms, JLG is very experienced, they have a complete production and sales line. The scissor lift from JLG is in good quality and it’s easy to do the maintainence because they have professional after-sales team. But, relatively, their price is kind of expensive, if you are working for government projects or you are willing to spend more money on this machine, you could choose.

2.    Geine


Geine is a world-renowned company that is headquartered in Redmond, Washington. And Genie was acquired by Terex Corporation in 2002. Their equipments are conspicuous by the “Genie Blue”. They have agency offices all over the world, and their equipments are mainly used in rental industry because of the high price. Although Geine scissor lift is strong and durable, but machine ages, even if a small screw is loose, it is very dangerous for aerial work platforms. If you have enough budget, you can choose to buy a new machine; if you have a low budget, you can choose other cheaper brands, such like TUHE brand which has good performance scissor lift with affordable price.

3.    Dingli


Dingli is a world-famous Chinese brand in Zhejiang, China, which is founded in 2005. It realizes the electrification of all products,      not only the scissor lifts, but also the boom lifts. They focus on green and environmentally friendly equipment with zero emissions, no noise, no pollution, and heavy load. They are the first Chinese brand of aerial work platform that is famous around the world. Now the products that is made in China is popular because of good quality and affordable price, if you are new for this hydraulic lift industry or have limited budget, you can consider purchasing a Chinese equipment.

4.    LGMG


LGMG group was founded in 1972 in Shandong, China. They are composed of three core companies and 16 other member companies. They have a full range of scissor lifts and terrain scissor lifts, but aerial work scissor lift is just one of their main business, they also focus on mining machinery and engineering machinery. LGMG established European and North American branches in 2018 and 2019 respectively, they are developing towards grouping and globalization. They expanded the influence of "Made in China".

5.    Tuhe


Tuhe Lift is a leading lift manufacturer in China, located in the "Hometown of China's Lifting Platform Manufacturing---Jiyang", was co-founded in 2012 by 6 senior engineers, they aim to be the best lift manufacturer in China with the world class standard. They own three production workshops and one exhibition hall, more than 300 employees and 20 distributors. They have scissor lift, mast lift, boom lift and other kinds of hydraulic lifts. As a professional manufacturer, Tuhe is focus on different requirements from different customers, OEM and OEM production are acceptable. Nowadays, Tuhe has customers from more than 35 countries, hydraulic lifts made by Tuhe are getting more and more popular.     

6.    Skyjack


Skyjack is a hydraulic lift brand from Linamar group, Canada. They adopted a simple design and unique numbering system to make their products are designed to be easy to service and maintain, same as JLG and Genie, the scissor lifts of Skyjack are most used for rental. Compared to the other two companies, Skyjack's price is cheaper. Skyjack is the only one Canadian brand of aerial work platform that is famous in the world.

7.    Haulotte


Haulotte was founded in 2005, they were formed from the merger of Pinguely and Haulotte. As a French manufacturer, Haulotte has became the most popular and strongest brand in Europe. Also, they have agency offices in Spain, USA, Romannia and China. They have more than 50 aerial work platforms of different heights, especially scissor lift and boom lift.

8.    Niftylift


Niftylift was founded in Bedfordshire, UK, 1985. They are one of the largest manufacturers of scissor lifts in Europe, and they focus on reducing the weight of the equipment as much as possible without affecting the performance of the equipment. The scissor lifts from Niftylift are green color, you can easily recognize it. Their scissor lifts are also most used for rental, with years of experience, Niftylift knows what rental industy needs.

9.    Holland Lift


Holland Lift began developing and making scissor lift since 1984. They are the only one Holland brand that is famous in the world. Their scissor lifts are most used in Holland, Europe and other rental industries. In the past 30 years, they have continuously developed and improved their scissor lifts. Now they are working towards becoming the world's top brand. If you are in Holland or Europe, maybe you can choose them.

10. Aichi Corporation


Aichi Corporation is a well-known Japanese brand of scissor lift, they were established in 1962. Their products are mainly used for electrics, telecommunications and construction industry. They are the first Japanese brand of scissor lift to go global. With their unremitting efforts and continuous advancement in technology, they are recognized by more and more customers. If you are in Asia, maybe you can choose them, or other affordable brands from China.

I hope this article will play a positive role in your choice of scissor lift opportunities. If you have any requirements or questions of scissor lift and other hydraulic lifts, welcome to contact us!

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