Frequently asked questions about our home lift

2022-06-18 09:06:33

1. How big is your lift car?

We are custom-made products without standard size. We will customize them for you according to your reserved opening plan. In short, we will provide you with elevator equipment of corresponding size according to the size of your opening.

2. What is the load of your elevator?

The rated load is 400 kg

3. Do I need to make steel structure to fix it?

No, hydraulic elevators can be installed without hoistway. There are many kinds of fixing methods, including wall, ground, floor and ceiling. If there is no fixing condition, our technology will give you a plan after reading the drawings and photos to see whether steel structure is needed for reinforcement.

4. Are you responsible for the installation of elevators?

We will provide installation instructions and videos, as well as online video guidance. All our customers install by themselves. Hydraulic elevators are very simple equipment, which can be installed by a mechanic and an electrician

5. How about the safety of your elevator?

What aspect of safety are you asking? If you are worried about the elevator crash, let's briefly say that the descent of our hydraulic elevator is the oil return of the oil cylinder. The speed of oil return itself is limited, which ensures that it will not descend rapidly. In addition, in addition to the 70mm diameter oil cylinder, it also has two high-strength row chains, each of which can withstand a tensile force of 20 tons. Unless it breaks at the same time, it will not crash. Ten thousand steps back, it is assumed that two chains are broken at the same time, the car stalls and falls, and there are safety tongs that instantly lock the car on the guide rail, so there is no risk of crash (our safety tongs are progressive safety tongs, you can check that this is the most advanced type of safety tongs in the industry). Even in case of power failure, it doesn't matter, because we are also equipped with UPS uninterrupted power supply as standard, that is, standby power. Ensure that the elevator can descend to the bottom floor in emergency under any circumstances, and there will be no trapped people

6. What is the difference between hydraulic elevator and traction elevator?

It depends on your needs. The advantage of traction type is that the elevator is more beautiful, with various optional styles, no total lifting limit and fast elevator speed. The disadvantage is that there needs to be an independent elevator shaft, which takes up a large space, the utilization rate of the shaft is small, the construction is difficult, the cycle is long, and the price is expensive; The advantage of hydraulic is that it occupies a small area, does not need elevator shaft, has basically no requirements for house type and space, and is cheap and cost-effective; The disadvantage is that the ladder speed is relatively slow, and the style selection is less than the traction type.

7. How big is the household elevator?

Customers often install a 1 * 1m lift car. However, if you consider that there are elderly people who need to enter and exit by wheelchair in the later stage, it is recommended that you install 1.2 * 1m. The price is the same.

8. I want to install it outdoors. Can I install it outdoors?

Yes, we have professional aluminum alloy hoistway, equipped with tempered glass, which can be windproof and waterproof

9. Do you need a load-bearing wall if your elevator is fixed?

It's best to have a load-bearing wall, which is the easiest for us to fix; But it doesn't matter if we don't have a proper fixed wall, because there are many kinds of reinforcement methods, which can be fixed on the ground, and then reinforced at the floor and ceiling of each floor. If necessary, we can also use cross bracing and diagonal bracing for reinforcement. You don't have to worry about this. Our technology will determine the fixed scheme when measuring. They are very professional

10. Do you also do the elevator shaft?

We also make hoistway, but we make hoistway at an extra price. The sightseeing shaft is made of aluminum alloy and tempered glass, including the outer door of each floor.

11. Does the elevator need to reserve a pit?

The hydraulic elevator can be installed without a pit, but if you want the elevator to be flush with the ground on the first floor, you can leave a 10 cm shallow foundation pit, because the thickness of our car bottom is 7 cm.

12. What does this elevator door look like? Can we make electric doors (or why not recommend electric doors)?

The elevator is equipped with manual door as standard, and electric single door and electric double door can be selected

13. What voltage does your elevator use?

Household single-phase voltage or three-phase voltage can be customized according to customer requirements

14. Do you need a machine room for your elevator?

No, only commercial traction elevators need machine rooms.

15. What material does the lift car have? What's the price?

Due to safety considerations, the car is made of 304 brushed stainless steel and toughened glass. If you have high requirements for beauty, you can choose a toughened glass car, but you can only install toughened glass on both sides, because the guide rail side needs to bear load, so it is impossible to make toughened glass on this side. The price of these two materials is the same.

16. What is the running speed

At present, we have upgraded the power system and used three times the speed of the oil cylinder. The maximum speed of the ladder can reach 0.3 meters per second.

17. When will the elevator be installed properly, after decoration or before decoration

It is best to install before decoration, mainly considering that it is not necessary to damage the decorated parts in the process of elevator installation, and after elevator installation, the decoration can directly repair and beautify the damaged parts of elevator construction

18. What is the structure and principle of hydraulic elevator

The hydraulic elevator we produce refers to the elevator that uses the hydraulic power source to put the hydraulic oil pressure into the oil cylinder to make the plunger move in a straight line, and indirectly pull the car through the high-strength row chain. It consists of several systems: pump station system, hydraulic system, guiding system, lift car, electrical control system, safety protection system, etc. The early household elevators were mainly hydraulic elevators, especially in European and American developed countries. Most villa owners would install a hydraulic household elevator, but its total rise could not exceed 13 meters, so it was not suitable for business. But for our low floor villa, hydraulic elevator is an absolutely cost-effective choice.

19. How many elevators do you have to choose from?

First of all, let me briefly introduce to you that there are two kinds of household elevators we often install. One is hydraulic, which is also our main type. This kind of elevator has low requirements for civil engineering, can be installed without shaft, and the later maintenance cost is also very low. The installation cost is low and the cost performance is the highest. The only disadvantage is that the ladder speed is relatively slow, 0.3 meters per second.

The other is traction elevator, which has the advantages of mature technology. Generally, our commercial elevators are traction elevators, and there are many disadvantages. First, we have high requirements for hoistway, which requires pit and machine room. The clearance of hoistway shall not be less than 1.5 * 1.5m, and the height of top floor shall not be less than 3m. And the price is relatively expensive. You can see which one you prefer, and I'll focus on it.

20. Function of proportional valve

The non faltering proportional valve is a core component. Its function is to intelligently control the flow of hydraulic oil, which can make the elevator start slowly and stop slowly. There is no sense of faltering when taking the elevator. The hydraulic elevator without proportional valve will feel frustrated and shake when starting and stopping. The elevator experience is not very good, and the elevator speed is slower.

21. Is the noise loud

We now use imported silent pump stations. After all, the household environment attaches great importance to noise. The measured working volume of the hydraulic elevator is only 30 dB when it rises, and the sound is less when it falls, which is very silent

22. Will there be sleepiness

No, our elevators are equipped with UPS uninterrupted power supply as standard. If there is a power failure at home, the lift car will also use the emergency descent function to slow down to the bottom floor without being trapped. However, you can't continue to use the elevator after falling, because the capacitance of the standby power supply is not high and can't support long-time work. So they all made program settings.

23. What protection does the pump station need to do outdoors

Outdoor installation of elevators also requires you to place the pump station indoors, mainly considering the extremely cold or hot working environment, which will affect the service life and improvement effect of the pump station.

24. How to fix only the hole

We have many kinds of fixing methods. If there is no wall fixing, we can fix it on the ground, and then reinforce it at the floor and ceiling of each floor. If necessary, we can also reinforce it with cross bracing. You don't have to worry about this. Our technology will determine the fixed scheme when measuring. They are very professional

25. How to calculate the opening size of electric door

The electric door needs a hole no less than 1.6m wide to be installed, because it is a double sliding door, which requires a large space. After installation, the width of the entrance door is 70 cm.

26. What faults are prone to occur in the hydraulic system

As long as the hydraulic oil of the hydraulic system is replaced every 2-3 years, there will be no failure. After all, its core guide rail, car and other parts are of steel structure, which is a mechanical equipment. At present, among all customers, the relatively high failure rate is in the distribution box, there are many electronic components, and a part may be damaged after a long time, but you don't have to worry. The headquarters will dispatch maintenance within 48 hours at most, which will be written into the contract

27. Can domestic elevator be used as cargo elevator

It may not be appropriate for domestic elevators to be cargo elevators. First of all, it is a single guide rail, with a load of up to 600 or 700 kg, which may not meet your required load. Secondly, our household elevator car can only be 1.2 * 1.2m at most. No matter how large, it needs double guide rails, so the space is not necessarily enough. However, if you think these two items do not affect your use, it is certainly no problem to use it to carry goods, as long as it does not exceed the rated load and size. (if you can't meet the requirements, it is recommended that you install a professional cargo elevator, which is cheap and has a high load)

28. Is it waterproof without outsourcing

Outdoor installation must be outsourced and waterproof, because the whole elevator equipment is metal, and water inflow will lead to rust of guide rail and other parts, affecting the service life. If you want to reduce the installation cost, you can use color steel tile for outsourcing, which can block the wind and rain. The material requirement is not high.

29. Which safety factor is better, monorail or double rail

In theory, the stability and load capacity of double rail are certainly better than that of single rail, but as long as your load is no more than 400 kg, there is no difference in safety and stability between the two. Our single rail elevator can reach the actual load of 600kg, and the variables of load and stability are also considered in the design. Therefore, the single guide rail type can be installed in the household environment, which is also more beautiful

30. What is the minimum installation space

It can be installed with a minimum floor area of 0.7 * 1m. The lift car installed with this size is 0.6 * 0.7m

31. How many people can the size heel take

For general household use, the lift car size of 1 * 1m is enough for 2-3 people.

32. What is a light curtain

The principle of safety light curtain protection is very simple, that is, an infrared transmitter and an infrared receiver are installed on the same line at the entrance. If people are beyond the safe range in the lift car, for example, we stretch out an arm to block the infrared ray, the receiver will send a blocking signal, and the elevator equipment will stop rising or falling until the personnel return to the safe range of the lift car, so as to achieve the purpose of safety protection, so as to avoid the occurrence of elevator pinch accident.

33. I heard that the hydraulic will leak oil? Will there be oil leakage?

The hydraulic device used in general engineering is easy to leak oil because of its low cost, high frequency and high load-bearing, but it won't leak in our household. Because we have made special improvements to our lifting system, the oil cylinder is upgraded from piston cylinder to plunger cylinder to eliminate oil leakage and abnormal sound of oil cylinder; Moreover, the NOK brand seal imported from Japan is the best in the industry, and its service life can reach 7 or 8 years, but the aging of the seal is inevitable. You can pay attention to this matter after five or six years. If you smell the smell, it means that the seal is aging. Just contact us. Our personnel will come to your door for replacement within 48 hours at most, and only charge the cost of materials, no more than 200 yuan at most.

34. What are the hydraulic configurations? Introduce to you

We have three configurations: low, medium and high. Let's briefly talk about the difference between low configuration, medium configuration and high configuration. In fact, it mainly depends on whether there is no setback proportional valve and elevator pulley. The function of the non setback proportional valve is to intelligently control the hydraulic flow, so that the elevator operation has no sense of setback. Take the ladder smoothly, start slowly and stop slowly. The three standard styles are the same

Low configuration: without the proportional valve without collapse, this kind of elevator is uncomfortable and will collapse, and the elevator speed is the slowest;

Medium configuration: it is equipped with proportional valve without stumbling, silent pump station, no stumbling when taking the elevator, special guide shoes for traction elevator and high-speed elevator pulley. It is the most comfortable for taking the elevator, and the elevator speed is relatively fast, stable and silent;

High configuration: on the basis of medium configuration, upgrade the oil cylinder from piston cylinder to plunger cylinder to eliminate oil leakage and abnormal sound of oil cylinder;

35. How long is the construction period?

The production cycle is about 20 days

36. What is the size of the wheelchair that can enter?

The full width of the general standard wheelchair is generally about 650 and the total length is generally about 1030. It is suggested that the depth of the lift car should be 1.2m, and more than 90 on the other side is enough. You can do 1.2 * 1m.

37. How did you do it? What's the price?

We have two kinds of outer frames. One is load-bearing outer frame, which is made of thickened aluminum alloy and tempered glass; One is a non load-bearing outer frame, which is made of aluminum profile and tempered glass. The price of load-bearing outer frame is 2500 yuan per meter (calculated by height), excluding the outer frame door. The door is priced separately, 3500 each. The price of non load-bearing outer frame is 2000 one meter (calculated by height), and the outer frame door is 3000 yuan.

38. What is the maximum lifting height?

The maximum lifting height of hydraulic type is 13 meters, which can be done as long as it does not exceed 13 meters. Traction elevators have no height restrictions.

39. Is there any guarantee for after-sales service

The elevator has a one-year warranty and lifelong maintenance. The later maintenance cost of the hydraulic elevator is the lowest. It is a mechanical device with a very low failure rate. If there is a failure, we also send the accessories free of charge within one year. After one year, the accessories are provided free of charge. You only need to pay the freight

40. Size of pump station and distribution box?

Pump station 650 high, 400 wide and 500 long; Distribution box 500 high, 400 wide and 200 long

What data do you need to order?

You can only provide your installation location, floor height data and opening size data

41. How do you make the outer frame?

To put it simply, we install the equipment for you. You can find a local decoration company to wrap the elevator. Because the elevator is fixed on the ground and wall, the outer frame does not need to consider load-bearing and civil engineering. You can wrap it with solid wood + toughened glass, aluminum alloy + toughened glass, or UV board wall protection board.

42. How about the electricity consumption of the elevator? Does it consume electricity when it is not in use?

The power consumption is very low. It is powered once in 100 hours in standby mode, and 2.2 kwh in 1 hour in fully open operation mode (the equipment is not powered down)

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