Ladder&scaffold&lift platform, which is your best choice for aerial work?

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Ladder&scaffold&lift platform, which is your best choice for aerial work?
There are many kinds of aerial work equipment on the market, such as ladders, scaffolds and various lifting platforms. Which one is the most suitable for you? This article analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of these kinds of equipment in detail, so that you can choose the best aerial work equipment

If you need to work at height, what equipment will you choose? Ladder, scaffold or aerial platform? Next, I will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of these devices respectively, so that you can choose the most suitable device for yourself.

1. Ladder.

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First of all, we are very familiar with ladders. Almost every family owns one and it has a long long history. It is the earliest aerial work equipment. The oldest ladders were made of bamboo or wood. Later, with the development of industry, ladders made of aluminum alloy and steel began to appear. The advantage of the ladder is that it is easy to use and cheap. It can be bought for only tens of dollars or hundreds of dollars. Moreover, it is convenient to store and will not occupy a lot of space. The disadvantage of the ladder is that it is unstable. There are only two legs to maintain balance, so it needs to be very careful when using it. In addition, someone must hold the ladder below to prevent accidents. The structure of the ladder also determines that it cannot rise too high and can reach 3-4 meters at most.

Therefore, to sum up, the ladder is a small high-altitude operation equipment suitable for daily household.

2. Scaffold.

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 Which is assembled by steel pipes and connectors, is the most widely used high-altitude operation equipment on the construction site.The advantage of scaffold is that different lifting heights can be achieved by changing the size or quantity of steel pipes, and different loads can be achieved by changing the thickness of steel pipes. The cost is relatively low. Like the ladder, it belongs to a simple tool without any electrical structure. The disadvantage of scaffolding is that it is inconvenient to use. It needs to be built every time it is used, and one person can't complete it. At least two or more professionals need to work together. Each process of building and disassembly is also dangerous, and there is no chassis, so it is unstable. If you want to reach a high height, you must reasonably increase it horizontally and vertically, Therefore, it is not suitable for home use. It is more used on construction sites.

3. Aerial work platform.

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With the development of random technology, simple ladders and scaffolds can not meet the daily work, and aerial work platform came into being At present, there are three categories on the market, namely scissor lift, mast lift and boom lift.

3.1 scissor lift

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It is the first aerial working platform appeared, which is named because the intersecting support rods look like scissors After decades of development,scissor lift technology has been very mature, and several different sub categories have been extended. Fixed lift can be used to lift heavy goods in the workshop, and electric scissor lift can realize one man operation and walk at height, Scissor lift table is simple and flexible,and can meet daily needs. The maximum working height of scissor lift can reach 20m and the maximum load can reach 20000 kg. It has become the most common aerial work platform in people's life.

3.2 Mast lift

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Compared with scissor lift, which is made of steel, it has the disadvantages of large weight, difficult to move and large floor are. Mast lift is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, which greatly reduces the volume and weight of the equipment under the same lifting conditions. Mast lift also has several sub categories, which are divided by the number of masts, single mast, double mast, four mast and six mast. The more the number, the higher the height that can be raised and the greater the load. Due to the relatively small load, mast lift is only used for aerial work and cannot be used for cargo lifting.

3.3 boom lift

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It is different from the other two types of products, because scissor lift and master lift belong to vertical lift but boom lift is not. Boom lift can meet many working conditions that vertical lift cannot meet. Through the lateral extension of boom, the working radius in the horizontal direction can be increased. Boom lift can be classified according to the walking mode, including self driven and trainer mounted. One is to assemble the walking motor by itself, which can walk at height, and the other is to be touched by trainer or pickup. It can also be classified by different expansion and contraction modes of boom, namely telescopic boom lift and artificial boom lift.

So, to sum up, if you need to repair light bulbs or clean windows occasionally, you can choose a simple ladder.If you need a lot of high-altitude work at home, you can consider renting a high-altitude work equipment, or purchasing the most cost-effective equipment yourself.

If you want to use it in a factory or workshop and often need to carry out high-altitude operation, you may have been troubled by the cumbersome scaffold before, so the high-altitude operation equipment will be your best choice. It is easy to use, take it out at any time and use it at any time. The operation is simple It can realize button control or remote control, and one person can operate it, Moreover, the safety of workers is more guaranteed than that of scaffolds.

If you consider doing this business, I will cheer for your idea. Now the market of aerial work equipment is still in the development stage, and it is often used in people's daily life, but people don't necessarily buy one for short-term use. After learning about this equipment, many people will consider renting it, Then the rental market of aerial work equipment will be very large.

If you have any needs, please contact us. We are a professional manufacturer of aerial work equipment and can provide you with reasonable suggestions for free.

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