Small size home elevator price in Nigeria

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Small size home elevator price in Nigeria
In Nigeria, it is a popular trend to install small size home elevators. People are most concerned about its price. Small size home elevator price in Nigeria is between $11,000-$29,000. Prices also vary by size, layers and configuration.

The popularity of small size home elevators in Nigeria

Elevators are an indispensable means of short-distance transportation in Nigerian daily life, bringing great convenience to people's lives. With the continuous improvement of people's requirements for the quality of life, and the price of small home elevators is becoming much lower than before. More and more people choose to install small size home elevators for their houses. In Nigeria, installing small elevators for home use has become a popular trend.

In Nigeria, the size of a small household elevator is usually about one square meter, with a load of about 300-400 kg, and can accommodate 2-3 people. Today's brand manufacturers are basically customizable. You can choose equipment, configurations, colors, etc. according to your own preferences, and choose the right price according to your economic situation. Choose your favorite home elevator comprehensively. Many people like to tailor their own private home small elevators.

The safety of small size home elevators in Nigeria

In Nigeria, many people choose to install small size home elevators indoors. If the home elevator is installed indoors, it is relatively difficult for outside rescue to enter, so safety and stability are always the first. The safety factor of the home elevator is very important, so it is recommended to choose a big brand elevator. Although the price is more expensive, the safety is guaranteed. The specific location of the home elevator installation should first consider the convenience and ease of use. Usually, we recommend installing it in the middle of the stairs, beside the stairs, directly opposite the stairs, etc., close to the stairs, so that the home elevator can be used to a greater extent.

Dimensions of small size home elevators in Nigeria

The small home elevator is the perfect combination of beauty and compactness. We only need to reserve an area of 1.2m*0.993m to install an exquisite small size home elevator. This elevator is an economical solution for limited space design. There is no need for a machine room, and the integrated shaft design greatly reduces the restriction on the reserved area and improves the utilization of home space; it can be installed directly on the ground without damaging the existing decoration. Keep expenses to a minimum. This small home elevator is very popular among Nigerians.

In addition to small size home elevators, we can also choose other home villa elevators of different sizes.

1. The minimum reserved size for villa sightseeing: 1200mm * 1380 mm

2. The minimum reserved size for large loads: 1565mm* 2320 mm

3. The minimum reserved size of the elegant car: 1500mm * 1760 mm

4. The minimum reserved size of luxury car: 1775mm * 1810 mm

5. The minimum reserved size of the mirror car: 1530mm * 1670 mm

What is the minimum size for a home elevator in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, the minimum size of a home elevator should be 800mm in width and depth respectively. Secondly, the height of the car should be under the requirement of no pit, with a space of 20mm from the height of the top floor, and the net height should be controlled at about 2800mm. . If a home elevator is installed in some villas, the reserved size of the well should be 1700 mm in width, 1800 mm in depth, and 300 mm in pit depth. And such an elevator is relatively large in the family, and it can be twice as large as the smallest elevator. Of course the price is also higher. Selection of small size home elevators in Nigeria 

I have seen the small home villa elevators of different sizes above. In Nigeria, how should we choose a small home villa elevator suitable for our home?

First of all, we need to determine according to the environment of installation and use, such as the area of the villa and the actual environment of the elevator installation. When determining the area, we usually choose the elevator style in combination with the overall decoration style of the villa. In this way, the beauty of the villa will not be affected.

Second, the number of people using the elevator is a key factor. Because each size of elevator has a certain load capacity, if the approved load capacity is exceeded for a long time, the service life of the elevator will be shortened, leaving potential safety hazards. In addition to considering the fixed number of family members, the situation of guests at home should also be considered. These are issues to consider when sizing your elevator.

Finally, it is important that the size of the villa elevator should meet the safe use regulations. When installing an elevator in a villa, pay attention to the power consumption of the elevator when it is working, and whether the circuit connection meets the household electricity standard. Considering that the elevator is a device that works for a long time, we should pay attention to safe installation. The size of the elevator is directly related to the power consumption of the elevator when it is working, so we can ask professionals to install it for us, so that you can use it with confidence.

Small size home elevators brand in Nigeria 

In Nigeria, there are still many specifications of small home elevators, so there is still a lot of room for choice. In fact, when choosing an elevator for home, you should not only pay attention to the size, but also the brand of the elevator. You must also look at the brand of the elevator, so that the quality will be more guaranteed. Of course, there are many brands that can directly customize the size of the elevator. , you can also choose your own suitable equipment.

There are also many home elevator brands on the market, and the quality and price differences between different brands are still relatively large. If you are looking for elevator manufacturers and suppliers or you are an elevator distributor, I suggest you consider TUHELIFT, the elevators produced and sold by TUHELIFT have the highest cost performance.

We are one of the most professional small size home elevator manufacturers in China. There are more than 40 sizes to choose from. The smallest home elevator even covers an area of less than 1, and can generally take 2-3 people. The load is 300-400kg. No civil construction, no bottom pit, no machine room, built-in integrated sightseeing shaft, different door opening directions are optional, half-height doors/full-height doors can be customized, flexibly adapt to space requirements, and can be installed indoors and outdoors in 2-6 storey villas!

Our small home elevators are space-saving and easy to install. Flexible adaptation to the interior space structure. The color and exterior design can also be customized to ensure that it matches your villa home environment.

Small size home elevator price in Nigeria

Small size home elevator price in Nigeria is between $11,000-$29,000. Prices also vary by size, layers and configuration. We can quote according to your customization. Our price is very competitive in the market, welcome to cooperate with us.

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