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2021-08-27 03:37:33

Boom lift is widely used in the field of high-altitude operation because of its simple operation, convenient movement, large operation radius and high operation height. Boom lift can be divided into self-propelled boom lift and trainer mounted boom lift according to the movement mode. As the name suggests, self-propelled boom lift can walk by itself and can control forward, backward or turning through the joystick of the control panel. However, because it is supported by four wheels, it can only be used on flat and hard ground. The trainer mounted boom lift needs to be lifted by a truck or pickup. When using, it needs to open four outriggers, so it can be used on uneven ground.

Boom lift is loved by more and more customers, which come into being many famous brands. In this article, I will make a finishing introduction for you. I hope you can make a reference when you buy boom lift.

1.    Genie


Genie is a world-famous boom lift brand from Washington, the iconic Genie blue enables you to recognize it at a glance. Through nearly 50 years of development, genie has become the largest manufacturer of aerial work equipment in the world. However, because of its high price, only government projects or leasing companies can afford it. Individual buyers will choose second-hand Genie equipment, but the second-hand equipment has no warranty, and they don't know whether the former owner cherished it, whether there were accidents, etc. the author doesn't recommend choosing second-hand equipment. You can consider other cheaper brands within your ability.

2.     JLG


A world-famous boom lift brand from Pennsylvania, USA, is famous for producing special operation vehicles. The most common JLG product on the market is telegraphic boom lift. Like genie, JLG also has a very large market share and a very high price. It is not affordable for ordinary individuals or companies. If it is used for a short time, You can choose to rent a JLG equipment. If it needs long-term use, it is recommended to consider other cheap brands.

3.    Nifty


Boom lift brand from London, UK. The boom lift products are mainly sold to Europe, South Africa and some parts of the Middle East. The whole series of products are green. The products are relatively standard, and the maximum height is only 21 meters, but the price is comparable to that of a first-line big brand. Therefore, if you are a local customer in the UK and have strong financial resources, you can rest assured to choose. If you come from Asia or America, you can have other better choices.

4.    Dingli


Brand from Zhejiang, China, is also the largest boom lift manufacturer in China. All products are motorized, which not only realizes environmental protection, but also makes it impossible to use in many areas where charging is inconvenient. Dingli only produces self-propelled boom lift, and the maximum height can reach 30.3m. It is the first choice for many leasing companies in China and even Asia. Now made in China, the quality is very reliable and the price is competitive. You could give a thought for China brand.

5.    Tuhe


Tuhe is power faction boom lift brand. It is a brand from China which is located in Jiyang, the hometown of lifting platforms in China. With very competitive prices and MOQ 1 unit can be customized and thoughtful service, it has become a rising star in the lift industry. Nowadays, customized products are favored by more people. For example, when other lifts are blue or green, you may prefer black, or you want a hybrid boom lift, then Tuhe will be a good choice for you. Moreover, Tuhe company is developing the market, so the price is very competitive, If you are considering buying your own boom lift, you can contact them.

6.    XCMG


The construction machinery boom lift brand from Xuzhou, China, is also the third largest construction machinery manufacturer in the world. Its main products are hoisting machinery, earth moving machinery, mining equipment, etc. in recent years, it has begun to develop lift products. Its main products include two series, scissor lift series and boom lift series. All products are yellow. XCMG is the largest machinery manufacturer in China and has service providers in many countries in the world.

7.    SkyJack


It is a boom lift brands from Canada and belong to Linamar group. The main product is scissor lift. In recent years, it has started to develop boom lift. Compared with Genie and JLG, Skyjack has a slightly lower price, so it occupies more and more market share in North America. If you are from North America and want to buy a scissor lift, Skyjack is a good choice. If you want to buy boom lift, you can consider other brands who mainly produce boom lift.

8.    Aichi Corporation


It is an engineering vehicle boom lift brand from Japan. Its main products are communication engineering machinery, construction machinery, loading and unloading machinery, shipbuilding machinery, etc. in recent years, it has begun to develop lift products. The products are produced by a branch in Zhejiang, China. Aichi's engineering vehicles are among the top five in the world. Lift products are only a branch, not the main business. Moreover, although they are made in China, the price is much higher than other made in China.

9.     Haulotte


It is a professional lift manufacturer from France and the largest boom lift brands in Europe. It began in 1881. The maximum height of the product can reach 43M, covering all types and heights of lifts. Sales and leasing services are carried out all over the world, of which leasing accounts for 10%. There is a production base in China, mainly producing its Haulotte brand and biljax brand lifts.

10.  Dino


The boom lift brand from Finland is famous for its simple structure. All products are white. The products mainly cover Finland, Norway, Denmark and other Nordic countries. Founded in 1974, it now has about 200 employees. Dino is a manufacturer specializing in the production of boom lift. Its products cover vehicle mounted boom lift, self-propelled boom lift and trainer mounted boom lift.

I hope this article can be helpful when you buy boom lift. We are committed to providing you with the most comprehensive lift consultation. Our contact number is 0086-17753131021, if you have any questions, you are also welcome to call for consultation.

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