What are the types of boom lifts

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What are the types of boom lifts
The aerial work device includes the working arm, the lifting mechanism, the power system, the hydraulic system, the electrical system and the control device, etc. It has the advantages of smooth operation, stable work, automatic leveling, safety and reliability. Greatly improve the work efficiency of high-altitude work. so What are the types of boom lifts?

What are the types of boom lifts

With the development of society and the development of the machinery industry, we have gradually developed more convenient lifts to replace traditional scaffolding and ladders, so as to allow us to reach high altitudes more conveniently to complete some operations. Among these lift equipment, scissor lift , mast lift, and boom lift, and currently the most widely used is boom lift. Boom Lifts, also known as aerial work vehicles or cherry picker, is widely used in installation, maintenance and climbing operations in municipal, electric power, street lamps, advertising, communications, photography, gardens, transportation, docks, airports, ports, large industrial and mining enterprises and other industries. It is a special vehicle mainly used to transport operators and work equipment to a designated height for operation. The aerial work device includes the working arm, the lifting mechanism, the power system, the hydraulic system, the electrical system and the control device, etc. It has the advantages of smooth operation, stable work, automatic leveling, safety and reliability. Greatly improve the work efficiency of high-altitude work. so What are the types of boom lifts?

There are 3 types of boom lifts, trailer mounted boom lift, crawler boom lift, and self-propelled articulated boom lift. These three boom lifts have their own advantages. Next, I will explain the differences and characteristics between them through the details of each model.




Towable boom lift

Cost-effective, practical, easy to move,More power options

10000-30000 USD

Crawler Boom lift

Adapt to a variety of terrain, the bottom  is more stable

20000-40000 USD

Self propelled boom lift

High operability, smarter and easy to operate

25000-55000 USD

Trailer mounted boom lift type


Brief introduction of trailer mounted boom lift type

The trailer mounted boom lift also called towable boom lift or cherry picker, it has a compact structure, adopts new high-quality steel, high strength, light weight, fast erection speed, and automatic hydraulic support legs, which can be quickly erected safely and easy to operate. The worktable can be raised and extended horizontally, and the span is large to increase the work area. It can be rotated 360°, the platform can be automatically leveled, and it is easy to cross obstacles to reach the working position. It is an ideal climbing equipment. Easy to transport, can be directly and quickly towed.

Main structure of trailer mounted boom lift type

Trailer mounted boom lift consists of several parts: vehicle chassis system, traction system, lifting system, control system and power system.

The chassis system includes axle and chassis. The axle is a two wheel axle produced by us professionally, with a track of 1430mm, an axle tube of 80 * 80 square tube, and a rated load of 2.8 tons. The chassis is a boom lift chassis professionally designed by our company, which is welded by square tubes and includes four legs, traction arm and vehicle base.

The traction system is a professional trailer hitch AL-KO brand imported from Italy. It is equipped with three braking systems. The first is a manual braking system, the second is a mechanical braking system, when the trailer hitch feels impacted, the lift will brake automatically, and the third is an electronic braking system, when the brake light of the tractor is on, the lift will brake automatically to ensure traction safety.

The lifting system includes arm and arm base. The arms with different lifting heights have different lengths, but they are all composed of three arms. One end of the small arm is connected to the working frame. The standard size is 900 * 700mm and the rated load is 200kg. Some models of arms are telescopic. The traditional retractable structure is plastic and not durable. Now we have upgraded the aluminum one to be more durable. The standard rotation of the arm base is 359 degrees, but we can also customize 360 degrees for you.

The control system is controlled by PLC, and the base controller is a touch screen, which can control the lifting of four outriggers at the same time, as well as the lifting and rotation of arms. There is also a controller in the work frame, which can operate the lifting and rotation freely when workers are working.

The power system is prevented from being in the chassis. The standard power system can choose diesel engine, petrol engine, battery and DC, or any two hybrid power. The hydraulic pump station adopts domestic famous brand Anshan Lisheng, the oil cylinder adopts domestic famous brand Hengyu, the battery adopts domestic famous brand Zibo torch, with MSDS maritime safety appraisal certificate, and the diesel engine adopts China's most famous brand Changchai, The petrol engine adopts the famous Japanese brand Honda, and the charger adopts the famous Taiwanese brand Longsheng, which has a wider range of applicable voltage and faster charging.

Technical data of trailer mounted boom lift type

We use THZB-12 as an example, conventional power we can provide you with petrol, diesel, AC power, and battery power.

If you have special requirements for power, we can also provide you with hybrid, such as AC+ petrol power. In addition, the petrol engine we use is a Honda petrol engine, which meets the requirements of EPA certification. For some countries that have special requirements for EPA, our boom lift is a very good choice.

The rated load is 200kg, and the size of the platform is 900*700mm. It can be used for two workers to work in the basket at the same time, worker can carry some tools for high-altitude work. As a manufacturer, this load can be customized for you, such as 300kg, and the size of the platform can also be customized for you to a certain extent. We can also add a power supply or water pipe in the basket. As long as you have these needs, we will try our best to meet them.

The lifting height of the Platform can reach 12m, the working height can reach 14m, the maximum working radius can reach 8m, which means the maximum distance that can be reached in horizontal direction, the operation can be completed across obstacles or high walls.

The maximum opening size of outrigger is 4200 * 4200mm, if you need a larger or smaller support range, we can also meet it.

The controller includes a platform controller and a bottom controller. When the lift is working, the bottom controller can be used to control the operation of the lift, or the height and direction of the lift can be adjusted by the staff on the platform according to their own needs.

The bottom controller is also equipped with a PLC display, which can display the status information of the lift in real time, and the display is touch-controlled and supports English display.

THZB-12 BOOM LIFT(1).jpg

THZB-12, the weight of the equipment is 2 tons, the size of the equipment is 5800*1680*2100mm, and it can be transported in a 20-foot container. In order to save costs, a 40-foot container can be loaded with 3 units at the same time.

Greatly saves the customer's cost in transportation.

THZB-12-boom lift-T(1).jpg

THTCZB-12 Crawler Boom lift type: 

1. The Crawler boom lift is improved from the conventional boom lift. In terms of working height and working radius, it is the same as the conventional boom lift. The difference between the two is that the chassis of this model is changed to a tracked chassis and has the function of self-propelled. , while retaining the four movable outriggers to provide the stability of the boom lift at work. The crawler boom lift is a product upgraded by our company on the basis of the trailer mounted boom lift in order to adapt to the use of uneven ground. Two professional wear-resistant rubber crawlers can walk on earth ground or any uneven ground without trailer traction. When using, it is also necessary to open the outrigger to achieve more stable lifting, and the outrigger can be equipped with one key automatic leveling function, which can be used even on the sloping ground.

THTCZB-12 Crawler-Boom -lift(1).jpg

This model is designed to adapt to complex terrain that is difficult to adapt to conventional boom lifts. At the same time, the self propelled function that the regular model does not have is available on this model. Another big advantage is that it can be controlled by remote control. The movement of the device is controlled by remote control, of course, this model also has two control systems. The bottom PLC control cabinet and another set of control boxes on the platform.


The lifting height and other detailed parameters can be referred to THZB-12, but due to the use of a tracked chassis at the bottom end, the self-weight will be larger, but this makes the lift more stable when work.

THZB-12-200X Self propelled boom lift type: 

Self propelled boom lift, In addition to the excellent working advantages of conventional folding arms, it also has excellent maneuverability and can be quickly deployed and moved in designated workplaces. It can be operated in the platform, one man operation, can work at height, that’s we call it self propelled. Usually we provide you with DC and diesel-powered models. , These two models can make the equipment work more effectively in various places. At present, we provide equipment with a lifting height of 12-22 meters, and the main power is DC power or diesel power.

THZB-12-200X Self propelled boom lift(1).jpg

The equipment has a large working height and working radius, and a load of 200kg allows the equipment to allow two workers to work at heights at the same time while carrying construction tools.

Taking THZB-12Q as an example, with a load of 200kg and a platform height of 12M, it can reach a working height of 14m, and the working radius in the horizontal direction can reach 6.9m  1.53 * 0.78m, maximum overall dimension (length × wide × High) is 6.3 * 1.78 * 2.35m, height from the workbench to the ground after contraction is 300mm, wheelbase is 2017mm, track width is 1550mm, traveling speed (retracted state) is 4km / h, climbing capacity is 25%, drive steering form 4x2x2, minimum turning radius-the outer wheel is 4.6m, the inner wheel is 2.35m, and the equipment has self weight 6000kg, turntable rotation angle  360 ° continuous rotation. We can provide diesel or battery power. The diesel power is equipped with a 4-cylinder 35kw diesel engine, and the battery power is equipped with 24 130 a lead-acid batteries. The control voltage of the equipment is 24V.

The price of this model is usually higher than that of the conventional boom lift, and the technical content and structure of the whole machine will be different from other models. The equipment itself eliminates the outriggers, but the weight of the whole machine provides a stable chassis for the machine. Even without legs, it can keep the device stable while working. A 40-foot container is required to transport the equipment.

Manufacturers of Different Types of Boom lifts type

Jinan Tuhe Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company dedicated to the development and production of hydraulic lifts. We can provide you with various types of Towable boom lift, traction boom lift, self-propelled boom lift, and  The driving mobile boom lift can provide you with the Towable boom lift that is most suitable for you according to the specific conditions of your use environment. Whether it is wheeled traction or crawler self-propelled, we can provide you with it. The color can also be based on your personal preference.  Or customer requirements for customization.  Including some detailed requirements for lift, we can also customize it for you. In addition, there are many times to work in different operating environments, and there are different situations in the choice of power. And our advantage is that we can customize it for you.  Provide a variety of power, whether it is AC or DC, or petrol or diesel. According to your requirements, we can provide a single power source. If necessary, we can also provide you with dual power or multiple power to make your lift  The maximum degree is not affected by the operating environment to achieve the operation.

Manufacturers of Different Types of Boom lifts(1).jpg

Welcome to inquire about boom lift, we will provide you with more details!

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