Why should we buy lift rather than rent it?

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Why should we buy lift rather than rent it?
It's better to buy a lift rather than rent it, why? Let' see.

For working machinery, safety is the user's highest priority for aerial working equipment. The usual working height is 10 to 20 meters. This height is a certain risk for the operators, so the safety of the equipment and the standardization of operation it’s the most important thing, and talking about the equipment itself, a brand-new lift you buy is safer and can guarantee the safety of workers and construction efficiency, while the leased lift usually has a higher number of used hours and years of equipment. There is a great potential safety hazard, which cannot be ignored, and untimely service will also seriously affect the workload of the project, resulting in a decrease in construction efficiency and a disguised increase in rental costs.

Many lessors can’t treat customers honestly. They usually replace some of the original logos of lift with famous brands, so that the same lift can make the rent higher. At the same time, there are also changes to the lift model. The original basic information of some equipment, such as production date, origin, etc., reduces the working hours of the product, so that you feel that the use value is higher and that it is worth the money.  But if you choose to buy, then all the risks can be avoided. After all, after the machine is produced and debugged, you get a completely new machine. You have absolute power over the equipment and there is no situation of being fooled, you know best of all the situations.

The greater risk of leasing is that some leasing companies will perform simple repairs, repainting, and refurbishment of the lift that is accidentally or the lift that should be scrapped, replacing the old with the shoddy. There is a great safety risk!

Sometimes, when your leased lift fails, some leasers will deliberately exaggerate the fault, allowing you to bear greater repair costs or parts replacement costs.  After you purchase, you can directly contact our manufacturer if you have any situation, our engineers will understand the situation in time, and give you the rightmost solution, and strive to solve the mechanical failure you encounter in time with the simplest and effective method.

In addition, as far as leasing is concerned, no matter what your current financial situation is, whether you have sufficient funds or a temporary shortage of cash, you must pay the rent on time, or you will bear the risk of default and compensation. And when buying a brand new product, there is no worries about the future progress of the project, or the increase in rent caused by the increase in the lease time due to various reasons.

After we purchase lift, you can process our lift at any time according to your needs, whether it is used for mortgage or leased when it is idle, you can fully own all the value of lift. Usually the engineering work cycle is long and the lift is used frequently, so we can use it easily after purchase and we need to use it at any time.  Avoid the trouble of various leasing procedures.

And if you rent, you only have the right to use lift, but no ownership, so you can't modify lift according to the working environment during the operation, which has great limitations. One of the biggest advantages of buying a new lift is that you can tell us your requirements and we can customize it, including color, power, and platform size. Jinan Tuhe Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company dedicated to the development and production of hydraulic lifts. We can provide you with various types of scissor lift, boom lift, mast lift, and etc. Whether it is wheeled traction or crawler self-propelled, we can provide you with it. The color can also be based on your personal preference. Including some detailed requirements for lift, we can also customize it for you. In addition, there are many times to work in different operating environments, and there are different situations in the choice of power. And our advantage is that we can customize it for you. Provide a variety of power, whether it is AC or DC, or petrol or diesel. According to your requirements, we can provide a single power source. If necessary, we can also provide you with dual power or multiple power to make your lift  The maximum degree is not affected by the operating environment to achieve the operation.

And after big data and many results show that, usually the total rental cost of a lift is often higher than the purchase cost of a lift.  Moreover, there will be a lot of troublesome troubles in the leasing process, which is difficult to solve in time, which will have a great impact on both of us and the progress of the entire project.

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