Wheelchair elevator for home

2022-11-02 14:11:45

Wheelchair elevator

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Wheelchair elevator is also called barrier free elevator. It is used in communities, hospitals, schools, hotels, public places and other places to facilitate the travel and sightseeing of the disabled. The barrier free elevator is installed beside the escalator of the tourist ladder passage. The barrier free lift can accommodate wheelchair access. The disabled or those with mobility difficulties only need to press the help buttons at both ends, and the attendant will immediately start the automatic lift.

Composition of wheelchair elevator

Wheelchair elevator is similar to a simple small elevator. Wheelchair elevator is composed of three parts: lifting platform guide rail and drive box. The lifting platform is made of C-type steel as the main part, which is operated by the "rocker self reset switch". It is installed without foundation pit and is directly fixed on the concrete floor (in the case of outdoor application without pit, the concrete floor below the platform shall not be lower than the surrounding floor). When the manual hydraulic valve is opened, the lifting floor can be lowered manually; Hydraulic drive, stable and safe lifting, external use of brushed stainless steel materials and aluminum electrostatic spray cabinet/panel, compact and beautiful appearance, do not hinder the surrounding environment. The disabled lift is directly installed on the ground without supporting pit for civil engineering. The construction is simple, the products are not easy to accumulate water and rust when placed outdoors, and the maintenance is simple. The lifting height is 1-6m!

Wheelchair elevator for home

Wheelchair elevator is a multifunctional lifting platform in the household market. The hoistway type vertical lifting platform combined with hydraulic driver and platform has stable running speed, high product safety and simple installation. Small floor area, no machine pit required. It is applicable to the solution of barrier free passage with large height difference between floors. The platform space can accommodate wheelchairs and caregivers at the same time, which can solve the problem of people who can't go up and down stairs. Wheelchair elevator for home is mainly divided into Outdoor Wheelchair elevator for Homes and indoor Wheelchair elevator for Homes.

Outdoor Wheelchair elevator for home

Outdoor wheelchair elevator for home can be installed in both residential and commercial environments.

The outdoor wheelchair elevator for home has many advantages.

1. It is easy to install and maintain.

2. Its price is low than the home elevator.

3. It is durable. Weather control and special coatings protect the outdoor lifts for homes from harsh weather and support indoor or outdoor installations.

Indoor wheelchair elevator for home

The indoor wheelchair elevator for home has many advantages.

1. It is not affected by external bad weather and environment.

2. It occupies a small area, saves space and is easy to install.

3. It fits all kinds of house structures and styles.

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