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Articulating Boom lift vs telescopic

  • *Model:THZB-10
  • *Lift height:10M
  • *Work height:12M
  • *Load capacity:200KG
  • *Weight:/
  • *Platform size:900*700MM
  • *Overall size:/
  • *Power supply:DC/AC/Petrol/Diesel
  • *Brand:Tuhe

Articulating Boom lift vs telescopic is specifically engineered for those trick, high-up, hard-to squeeze-in jobs. The boom lift is space-efficient, both when in use and folded for storage, as it's able to move around in narrow spaces easily and be folded up for compact.Articulated boom lift can be mounted on a trailer or truck to move freely from one place to another. It can rotate 360°. The four automatic hydraulic legs provide high stability.

What is an articulating boom lift?

Articulating boom lift Contains multiple parts that can be hinged at different angles, allowing the operator to overcome obstacles. Compared with telescopic boom lifts, articulating arm lifts provide greater flexibility because the articulated arm platform can safely and effectively reach complex and confined areas. The articulating boom lift is divided into two kinds of self-propelled and trailer type according to the movement mode. The self-articulating boom lift provides both diesel and electric power sources. Industries that need to work outdoors prefer to buy diesel-driven cantilever lifts, while for indoor operations, electric articulating boom lifts can be used to ensure lower noise. Trailer boom lift generally provide three power options, diesel or gasoline (with EPA certificate) or direct current. The outrigger needs to be opened when in use, and the trailer needs to be dragged to move it.


What is a telescopic boom lift?

Telescopic boom lifts are also called rod type or straight boom type because they can extend straight and have a larger horizontal range. The telescopic boom lift allows rapid boom extension and provides extended extension. The telescopic arm has an active swing axis and four-wheel drive to ensure maximum terrain capacity and traction. According to customer requirements, telescopic boom lifts can be equipped with electric or diesel engines.


The difference of articulating boom lift and telescopic boom lift.

The difference between articulating and telescopic boom lift: articulating boom lifts are suitable for crossing obstacles. When workers need to enter particularly narrow or difficult-to-reach areas or need to change positions frequently, they will use this type of boom lift.

When workers need to work at high places or enter areas blocked by rugged terrain, these aerial lifts or mobile elevated working platforms can be used.


Boom lift Usage:

1. Street lamp repair

2. Residential exterior wall renovation

3. Outdoor glass cleaning of office buildings

4. Construction and maintenance of buildings

5. Safety inspection of airplanes or bridges

6. Picking fruits and repairing branches in the orchard

7. Lighting and special effects layout of large playground, repair and maintenance of roller coaster


Avoid the following situations in use boom lift:

1. Avoid overloading

2. Avoid using in strong wind weather

3. Avoid using in the absence of guardrails, or the guardrails are rusty and aging.

4. Avoid touching the wires and causing accidents

5. Avoid using in extremely uneven places such as swamps, slopes, etc.


Configuration advantages of articulating boom lift and telescopic

Charging socket: anti-vibration, anti-shock, anti-collision, anti-leakage as required.


Limit switch: Delixi limit switch for safety precautions.

Speed controller: The speed controller actively adjusts the lifting speed.


Galvanized shaft pin: Galvanized shaft pin, anti-rust and anti-wear


Hydraulic pumping station: equipped with a dedicated lighting pumping station, with good stability and long service life.


Tubing: Double-layer high-pressure explosion-proof hydraulic special tubing.


Telescopic boom: suitable for 14m 16m telescopic boom


Safety lock: basket safety lock prevents shaking when dragging the basket


How to buy boom lift according to your budget?

The budget is 9,000-30,000 USD, and the lifting height is 10-20m. We recommend that you can choose a trailer boom lift. Our trailer boom lift also has advantages in transportation and can be loaded in a 20 GP container.

The budget is between 60,000USD-220,000USD, and the height of elevation is 12-45 meters. We recommend that you choose a self-propelled articulating boom lift, which can cross obstacles and rise to the required height.

The budget is 80,000USD-300,000USD, and the lifting height is 16-56 meters. We recommend choosing a telescopic boom lift, which can reach higher heights.


How to use the boom lift before use

Before use, please check the product operation manual carefully to understand the parts controlled by the control buttons.

1. Check the condition of the folding arm itself, and check the fuel and energy supply.

2. The condition of the tires. Do not operate with under-inflated tires. Do not run overloaded.

3. Check whether the hydraulic oil pipe is damaged, leaked, or worn. Repair or replace the faulty oil pipe.

4. Make sure that the control panel is working properly.

5. Check whether there is uneven road surface in the work area, and check the swing radius of the machine.


How to choose a suitable articulating boom lift or telescopic ?

1. According to the required platform height

2. The maximum operating level range that needs to be reached (whether obstacles need to be bypassed)

3. Need to be self-propelled or trailer type (self-propelled articulating boom lift)

4. Storage space size (if the storage space is small, it is recommended to choose a trailer boom lift, which is connected to the work truck by a trailer hook, which is light in weight and small in size)

5. Used indoors or outdoors (for indoor use, we recommend choosing electric, no noise, outdoor use can choose diesel, because diesel power is sufficient.)


Boom lift application scenarios

Articulating boom lifts are suitable for tasks that need to overcome obstacles, mainly industrial maintenance, electrical work, painting, glass windows, bridge work or inspection, tree trimming, and any tasks that require access to multi-storey buildings.

The telescopic boom lift is suitable for rugged road environments, surmounts difficult environments, and can reach higher heights. Mobile is more flexible.


The essential difference between a boom lift and a scissor lift:

Scissor lifts can only lift vertically, and cannot work across obstacles like a folding arm lift. The folding arm lift can provide more flexible movement at high places.


Daily product maintenance

Tips for the use and maintenance of hydraulic lifts:

1. When the equipment is used for about 2 months, grease should be added to the rotating parts once;

2. Regularly check the working status of the pin and shaft every month. If you find that the pin and screw are loose, they must be tightened to prevent the shaft pin and screw from falling off and causing accidents.

3. The hydraulic oil should be kept clean and replaced every 6 months;

4. When repairing and cleaning the hydraulic lift, be sure to support the safety brace.


The Trailer boom lift can be customized:

1. Color can be customized

2. Boom lift can add walking assistance

3. The default power is diesel or gasoline or direct current. Dual power can be customized.

4. Boom lift guardrail size can be customized

5. The standard product is 359°rotation, and 360°rotation can be customized.





Through the above detailed description, I believe that you should choose the articulating boom lift and telecommunication boom lift. Articulating boom lift and telecommunication boom lift have their own sub characteristics and have their own unique advantages in different application scenarios. If you are looking for boom lifts, you can consult a professional boom lift manufacturer.

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