Telescopic boom lift

Telescopic boom lift
Telescopic boom lift
Telescopic boom lift
Telescopic boom lift
Telescopic boom lift
Lift height
Work height
Load capacity
200 KG
Platform size
900*700 mm
Overall size
Power supply
Power supply
Main materials
Control method
Telescopic boom lift lift is a hydraulic lifting tool that rotates 360° to lift and send people or goods. Telescopic boom lift has the characteristics of convenient movement, simple operation, large working surface and good balance performance.

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What is a telescopic boom lift?

A telescopic boom lift has a mast that extends in a straight line through the use of one or more telescopic boom sections. This design gives you the vertical reach you need to work at heights, while also providing excellent horizontal reach. Telescopic boom lifts offer the greatest horizontal reach than other types of aerial lifts. The extended horizontal reach means that these lifts can be used on sites with difficult angles, as they provide maximum horizontal and vertical reach. The extended reach makes telescopic lifts ideal for construction sites where quick access to locations is required. It is a hydraulic lifting tool that rotates 360° to lift and send people or goods. The telescopic boom lift has the characteristics of convenient movement, simple operation, large working surface and good balance performance. Under the condition of uneven road surface, it can support four legs at the same time or one leg, which is easy to operate and use, so it is widely used in stations. , docks, public buildings and other industries and fields that require high-altitude work.


Telescopic boom lifts are used for a wide variety of purposes:

Telescopic boom lifts are widely used in installation, maintenance and climbing operations in municipal, electric power, street lamps, advertising, communications, photography, gardening, transportation, docks, airports, ports, large industrial and mining enterprises and other industries. It is also suitable for various rugged terrains in the field, with a wide range of space operations, mainly used for construction, bridge construction, shipbuilding, airports, mines, port terminals, communication and power facilities construction and outdoor advertising construction machinery and equipment.


How to choose a telescopic boom lift?

1. Select the use of power according to the place of use

The power of the telescopic boom lift can be selected, the default is single power, diesel, gasoline, DC. Dual power is also an option.

For example, DC + diesel, DC + gasoline, single battery power, battery + gasoline, battery + diesel, etc.

We recommend that DC power can be selected for construction sites with stable power supply. Battery powered diesel powered gasoline powered is suitable for use outdoors where there is no stable power supply. One battery power charge can last for a day.

2. Select the telescopic boom lift according to the required lifting height or working height

We offer telescopic boom lifts from 10-22m.

The lift height is the highest height the telescopic boom lift platform can reach. The working height is the height at which workers stand on the platform after the lift is raised to the maximum height, which is the height of the platform plus about one person's height. For example, if the raised height of the platform is 10m, its working height is about 12m.

3. Choose a telescopic boom lift that is easy to operate.

Our telescopic boom lift is equipped with an LCD display, which is easy to operate, and we will include video instructions and user manuals.

4. Select a suitable load.

Overloading is prohibited during use. Our telescopic boom lift has a load capacity of 200KG, about 400 lbs.


Telescopic boom lifts Transportation:

Secure the telescopic boom lift to the rear of the checked vehicle correctly, and be sure to drive carefully to your destination. Best driving habits when towing equipment include maintaining a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front; slowing down for downhills, curves, or dangerous road conditions; and avoiding sudden movements of your vehicle that could cause a trailer jackknife. The maximum towing speed is 90 km/h to ensure the safety of trailers and telescopic boom lifts. After arriving at the construction site, you can proceed to the next step of commissioning and use according to the contents of the manual. Make sure you are on a level surface and that the transport vehicle you are using is secured to prevent it from rolling during setup, as you did when you initially set up the tow.


 Telescopic boom lift, preparation and basic operation steps

Please read all the details of the instruction manual before using the telescopic boom lift. Lubricate all parts with lubricating oil. Check the fasteners in all parts, and tighten them in time if they are loose. Check the power supply, the entire hydraulic system is in good condition, check the control panel, turn the key to the ON position when starting to use. Make sure the emergency stop switch is pulled out. Open the outriggers, adjust the machine and keep it level. Put on the safety lanyard or harness, climb onto the workbench, close the workbench door, and attach the other end of the harness to the basket. Check to make sure all control is on the console are readable. They should be clearly marked, including the direction of movement they control. Then the start switch starts to rise. During the rising process, pay attention to whether there are wires at the height to avoid danger. Through the control panel, make the lifting to a suitable working position and suitable angle. Before using it, make sure that you can operate the lift proficiently before using it.

Telescopic boom lift Inspection and maintenance after use

1. When the equipment is used for about 2 months (according to the actual frequency of use), it is necessary to add grease to the rotating parts;

2. Regularly check the working status of the pins every month. If the pins and screws are found to be loose, they must be tightened to prevent accidents from falling off the pins and screws.

3. Hydraulic oil should be kept clean and replaced every 6 months;

4. Check the hydraulic pipeline for cracks, leaks or loose joints.

5. Check whether the circuit is connected or exposed.

6. Check whether the connector of the electric control box is loose and whether the indicator light is working normally

7. Check that the handles and buttons are flexible.

8. Check if the limit switch is loose or damaged.

When servicing and cleaning the hydraulic lift, be sure to support the safety prop.



Q1: What is a telescopic boom lift?

A1: A telescopic boom lift is a type of aerial work platform commonly used in construction, maintenance, and various industrial applications. It features a extendable arm (boom) that can be raised vertically and extended horizontally, allowing operators to access elevated areas.

Q2: How does a telescopic boom lift work?

A2: Telescopic boom lifts operate using hydraulic systems. The extendable boom can be raised or lowered, and it can also be extended and retracted to reach various heights and distances. This allows operators to position the platform precisely where it's needed.

Q3: What are the main applications of telescopic boom lifts?

A3: Telescopic boom lifts are versatile and commonly used for tasks such as construction, maintenance, repair work, installation, and accessing hard-to-reach areas. They are ideal for tasks that require vertical and horizontal reach, such as working on building exteriors, bridges, and utility poles.

Q4: What are the advantages of using telescopic boom lifts?

A4: Telescopic boom lifts offer several advantages, including:

Greater reach and versatility due to the telescoping arm.

Faster elevation and extension, increasing efficiency.

Ability to reach high and distant areas.

Sturdy and stable design for secure work at height.

Q5: Are telescopic boom lifts suitable for outdoor use?

A5: Yes, many telescopic boom lifts are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. They are equipped with features such as robust tires, sturdy frames, and powerful engines to handle various terrains and weather conditions.

Q6: What safety features do telescopic boom lifts have?

A6: Telescopic boom lifts are equipped with various safety features, including:

Outriggers or stabilizers for enhanced stability.

Fall arrest systems and harness attachment points.

Emergency stop buttons and controls.

Load sensors to prevent overloading.

Q7: How do I choose the right telescopic boom lift for my needs?

A7: When choosing a telescopic boom lift, consider factors such as:

Required working height and reach.

Weight capacity.

Terrain and environment (indoor vs. outdoor).

Power source (diesel, electric, hybrid).

Additional features like platform rotation or articulation.

Q8: Can telescopic boom lifts be rented or purchased?

A8: Yes, telescopic boom lifts are available for both rental and purchase. Renting can be cost-effective for short-term projects, while purchasing may be more suitable for long-term or frequent use.

Q9: How do I operate a telescopic boom lift safely?

A9: Operating a telescopic boom lift safely involves proper training and adherence to safety guidelines. Operators should be familiar with the equipment's controls, perform pre-operation inspections, use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), and follow safe work practices.

Q10: Where can I find telescopic boom lifts for rental or purchase?

A10: Telescopic boom lifts can be rented or purchased from equipment rental companies, dealerships, and manufacturers. Research reputable sources, compare options, and ensure the equipment meets your specific requirements before making a decision. Our company produces all kinds of telescopic boom lifts, welcome to contact us for business negotiation.

If you still don't know how to choose a telescopic boom lift, please leave us a message and we will contact you in time to help you choose a lift. Thanks!

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