Commercial vertical wheelchair lift

2021-08-06 06:25:29


What is commercial vertical wheelchair lift

Hydraulic wheelchair lift, also called vertical platform lift, is used for the disabled and the old to go upstairs. Its size and height can be customized to fit your place, and also the voltage power. This vertical lift platform is widely used in personal house and public buildings. We, TUHE company, as a professional manufacturer of wheelchair lift, will provide products with the best quality and service to our customers.

Commercial vertical wheelchair lift types


1. Guide rail type wheelchair lift, this is the most common type of commercial vertical wheelchair lift. It lifts up by the hydraulic oil cylinder push the climbing rack.


2. Scissor type wheelchair lift, this commercial vertical wheelchair lift goes up by hydraulic oil cylinder push the scissors structure.


Features of commercial vertical wheelchair lift

1. A fixed or automatic ramp to help wheelchair to get in and out of the wheelchair lift.

2. When the platform is close to the stops, it will slow down and decrease to reduce inertia.

3. If there's a power failure or something bad happens, the platform will be locked and won't fall. Then you can use the decompression valve to lower the platform slowly.

4. If the bottom of the platform touches a person or any obstacle, the platform will stop immediately.

5. Electrostatic powder coating to protect the machine from rust and paint falls off.


Commercial vertical wheelchair lift inlet and outlet

We have several options of vertical wheelchair lift inlet and outlet, like one way, 90°, 180° or full open platform. You can choose one according to your place construction. 


Matters need attention for commercial vertical wheelchair lift

Commercial wheelchiar lift can be installed indoors or outdoors, it requires hardened level ground and vertical angle for the installation. And it's not allowed to get close to the wheelchair lift while it is working. Overloading, unbalance loading and strenuous exercise are forbidden.

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