Comparison of hydraulic elevator and forced drive elevator

2021-05-10 06:10:26

Advantages of hydraulic elevator:

1. It is easy to install. It doesn't need a machine room, so there is no hoisting and installation of traction machine, control cabinet and counterweight.

2. The maintenance cost is low, oil is used as the medium, and all parts are lubricated by themselves to reduce wear

3. The emergency operation is convenient. In case of power failure and other abnormal conditions, the emergency operation of lowering valve and manual pump is used.

4. Improve the effective use of building space.

5. To improve the stress condition of buildings, most of them do not exert vertical pressure on the building structure. The main vertical load acts on the building foundation through the oil cylinder, so the bearing strength of the shaft should be reduced.

6. Compact structure, smaller volume and weight than traction elevator under the same main parameters The location of the pump station is flexible, and the pump station is connected with the oil cylinder pipeline.

7. It is suitable for families. Hydraulic elevator has obvious advantages and low cost.

Disadvantages of hydraulic elevator:

1. Small lifting height due to input power control and structural conditions at the same speed.

2. Below 1.0 m / s, it can meet the needs of family use, but can not be used for commercial use.

Advantages of  Forced Elevator:

1. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, high utilization ratio of shaft and space saving Shaft utilization rate: 61%) the forced drive domestic elevator has only two hanging wire ropes, no counterweight, and the winch is placed at one end of the hoistway, so its hoistway utilization rate is higher than that of traction and hydraulic, but it is four points lower than that of screw type lifting platform.

Disadvantages of Forced Drive elevator:

1. The low safety factor is not very safe. In fact, from the driving mode, it can be seen that this form of elevator is extremely unsafe. It is necessary to regularly check the wear condition of wire rope and hoist. Because of this structure, the elevator suspension is hung on the car chassis by two steel wires, one on the left and one on the right. If one of the steel wires breaks, the whole car will immediately lean to one side and lean against the elevator guide rail, and then all the weight of the car will be on the other steel wire rope, if the winch continues to operate, If the safety gear fails, the car will fall freely into the foundation pit, causing casualties.

2. Power consumption is high. The so-called forced drive is to lift the elevator car by force, without any supporting parts in the middle, so the power consumption will be high. Generally, the energy consumption of the same load is 56times higher than that of the hydraulic elevator. Due to no counterweight and forced drive, the lifting capacity of the elevator with the same power is less than that of the traction elevator. Conversely, the power consumption of the elevator with the same lifting capacity is certainly higher than that of the traction elevator.

3. The noise is loud, because the hoist of the structure elevator must be close to the elevator shaft to install, and the hoist has a gearbox, so the current sound of the motor when running, the noise of the gearbox is relatively large.

4. The lifting height is limited because it is the principle of hoist. When the elevator goes up, two steel wires are rolled on the drum to lift the car. Therefore, the higher the lifting height is, the more steel wires are rolled, and the longer the length of the drum needs to be. However, in the case of limited shaft size, there is no way to install such a long drum.

In short, compared with the hydraulic elevator, the structure of the forced drive motor is really simple, and its power mainly comes from the winch. It has higher requirements for the motor, lower safety than the hydraulic elevator, and higher use cost, so it is not suitable for home use. The hydraulic elevator is always your best choice for your home use lift.

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