Comparison of hydraulic elevator and screw elevator

2021-05-08 08:39:04

Advantages and disadvantages of hydraulic home elevator

A. Advantages of hydraulic elevator:

1. Hydraulic elevator has low requirements for civil structure

It doesn't need a machine room, and can be installed as long as the height of the top floor is at least 2000 mm. The foundation pit can be very shallow, no less than 100 mm or no need pit. Due to these advantages of hydraulic domestic elevator in civil engineering, it quickly occupied most of the domestic elevator market bacause it's economic and durable.

2. The hydraulic elevator will not exceed the speed limit and is easy to realize self rescue

If the mechanical structure design is reasonable and the installation is reliable, the safety factor of the hydraulic elevator is relatively high, and the hydraulic elevator can use the backup battery to realize the self rescue function of trapped people. When the elevator fails or is trapped by power failure, press the emergency button inside the car, connect the oil drain valve circuit, and the hydraulic oil slowly returns to the oil tank, the elevator will slow down by its own weight.

3. Hydraulic elevator can save building space

Hydraulic without counterweight device, only 2 tracks, minimum installation space only needs 1000 * 700mm size.

4. The hydraulic elevator is more economical, meets customer budget requirements, and is relatively simple to install

B. Disadvantages of hydraulic elevator:

Hydraulic elevators are faster than screw elevators, but not as fast as commercial elevators.

C. Advantages of screw-type home elevators

1. Easy installation

Because its structure is relatively safe, there is no need for buffers, speed limiters and other devices, and there is no need to dig the elevator foundation pit during installation. It only needs to have a suitable height, and have a load-bearing ring beam. It can be installed on one wall.

2. Flexible structure

Its structure is relatively strong, so it can easily open the door at right angles, opposite the door, and open the door on three sides. Even this will not affect its stability, so its structure is relatively simple.

D. Disadvantages of screw-type home elevators

1. Make noise

Because the motor follows the platform, it is inevitable that it will produce some noise, which is likely to spread to our users' ears, but it may not be suitable for users with quiet obsessive-compulsive disorder.

2. The running speed is too slow

Because its mechanical structure is limited, so its running speed will not be too fast. Compared with other elevators, there will be a gap of - half, so it is not suitable for those users who are in a hurry.

3. Not suitable for high places

Because the height of the elevator is limited, it is not suitable for buildings with more than three floors, especially the screw elevator is rare in high-rise buildings.

To sum up: screw elevators and hydraulic elevators are more suitable for home use. If you consider noise, hydraulic elevators have more advantages. At the same time, the overall budget of hydraulic elevators is much lower than that of screw elevators, which can meet the needs of families.

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