Electric Lift Table For sale Singapore

Electric Lift Table For sale Singapore
Electric Lift Table For sale Singapore
Electric Lift Table For sale Singapore
Electric Lift Table For sale Singapore
Electric Lift Table For sale Singapore
Lift height
Work height
Load capacity
300-2000 KG
140-400 KG
Platform size
Power supply
Electric lifting table manufacturers can be used in warehouses, factories, workshops, hospitals, supermarkets, airports, etc. Because the surface is made of baking varnish, it is corrosion-resistant, so the paint will not fall off even in countries with high temperature, rain and humidity such as the Singapore.

In industries where material handling and ergonomic solutions are crucial, electric lift tables have become indispensable tools. These versatile pieces of equipment offer efficient lifting capabilities while promoting worker safety and comfort. We sale high quality electric lift table to Singapore.


What's the electric lift table for sale?

The electric lift table for sale is a very convenient lifting device. It is light and small, with a large load capacity. Lifting table for sale can be used in warehouses, factories, workshops, hospitals, supermarkets, airports, etc. Because the surface is made of baking varnish, it is corrosion-resistant, so the paint will not fall off even in countries with high temperature, rain and humidity such as the Singapore. Lifting table for sale are also becoming more and more popular in Singapore.


Details of the electric lift table for sale.

1. Sealed oil cylinder: electric lift table for sale use the best quality oil cylinder, which is fully enclosed and very stable when rising.

2. Battery: electric lift table for sale use the best quality battery, with large capacity, fast charging, and sufficient power. Lift table for sale can be used for one day after charging once. Our accumulator is a brand, with a life span of more than five years.

3. Scissors: Lift table for sale use ultra-thick structure, the best quality steel, the main structure is manganese steel, high load-bearing, durable and safe, and stable lifting.

4. Polyurethane wheels: Lift table for sale use polyurethane wheels, which are more wear-resistant and will not damage the ground. Lift table for sale can be used indoors or outdoors.

5. Control button: control the lifting and descend, very stable. easy to operate.

6. Electricity meter: you can see the remaining electricity and it reminds you to charge in time.

7. Emergency stop switch: equipped with emergency stop switch, the safety of goods and users.

8. High-quality motor: long service life and maintenance-free.


The advantages of electric lift tables compared with other products in the market.

1. Support customization: Lift table for sale can be customized, such as lifting height, platform size, load, etc.

2. High-quality steel plate: The lift table for sale use the highest-quality steel plate and the finest welding technology, which is stronger and safer.

3. Heavy load: high-quality manganese steel is used. Manganese steel is a high-strength steel that can withstand impact and wear.

4. Button type operation panel: convenient control, stable lifting and high working efficiency.

5. Easy maintenance: just need add hydraulic oil regularly

6. Quality Assurance: lift table for sale are inspected before they leave the factory and can only be sold after they have been tested.


Electric lift tables offer a versatile and ergonomic solution for lifting, positioning, and handling tasks across various industries in Singapore. With their electric-powered lifting mechanism, adjustable height settings, and built-in safety features, these tables enhance efficiency, promote worker safety, and contribute to overall productivity in the workplace. When considering a purchase, businesses should assess their specific lifting requirements and choose a lift table that meets their needs while prioritizing quality, reliability, and safety.

Why choose our electric lift table for sale?

We are a professional electric Lift Table manufacturer, our company has been engaged in the research and development and optimization of hydraulic lifting equipment for more than ten years. Our lift table for sale have been exported to Singapore, the Thailand, Malaysia, the United States, Ireland, etc. Customer feedback is very good and most of them become our regular customers. If you have interest welcome to contact us, we will give you best solution!


Q1: What is an electric lift table?

A1: An electric lift table, also known as an electric hydraulic lift table, is a powered lifting platform designed to elevate and lower heavy loads in a controlled manner. It utilizes an electric motor and hydraulic system to provide smooth vertical movement.

Q2: What are the key features of electric lift tables?

A2: Key features include:

Electric motor for powered lifting.

Hydraulic system for smooth and stable movement.

Adjustable height settings for flexible positioning.

Safety features such as overload protection and emergency stop buttons.

Q3: What are the applications of electric lift tables in Singapore?

A3: Electric lift tables are used in various industries for tasks such as material handling, warehousing, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, and healthcare. They assist in loading and unloading goods, ergonomic positioning of workpieces, stock replenishment, patient transfers, and more.

Q4: How do electric lift tables improve efficiency and safety?

A4: Electric lift tables streamline workflow processes by reducing manual lifting, thereby increasing productivity. They also promote ergonomic working positions, reducing strain and fatigue among operators. Safety features such as overload protection and emergency stop buttons ensure operator safety during operation.

Q5: What factors should be considered when purchasing an electric lift table?

A5: Considerations include:

Load capacity to meet specific lifting requirements.

Platform size and configuration for compatibility with load types and work tasks.

Presence of essential safety features to protect operators.

Reliability, service, and support offered by the supplier.

Q6: Can electric lift tables be customized to suit specific needs?

A6: We offer customization options such as different platform sizes, load capacities, and additional features to meet specific user requirements.

Q7: Are electric lift tables suitable for use in confined spaces?

A7: Yes, electric lift tables are available in compact designs suitable for use in spaces with limited floor space. However, it's essential to ensure proper clearance and accessibility around the lift table for safe operation.

Q8: How do I maintain an electric lift table?

A8: Regular maintenance, including inspections, lubrication, and servicing of hydraulic components, is essential to ensure the lift table's optimal performance and longevity. Follow the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule and guidelines for proper care.

Q9: Can electric lift tables be used outdoors?

A9: While some electric lift tables may be suitable for outdoor use, it's essential to verify the product's specifications and ensure it is designed to withstand outdoor conditions such as moisture, temperature fluctuations, and exposure to sunlight.

10. Where can I purchase electric lift tables in Singapore?

A10: We provide high-quality electric lift tables for customers in Singapore, catering to various industries' material handling and operational needs. Our electric lift tables utilize advanced electric drive and hydraulic systems, enabling smooth and precise vertical movement to enhance operational efficiency. Whether in warehousing, manufacturing, retail, or healthcare, our products offer flexible solutions, ensuring a safe and comfortable working environment for our customers.

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