How to choose Vertical wheelchair lift?

2021-12-23 14:01:32

How to choose Vertical wheelchair lift?

Electric wheelchair lift, which we also call wheelchair elevators, were originally designed to help the disabld or people with limited mobility go up and down the stairs. Due to the rapid development of society now, more and more people have the conditions to be in their own homes or Install a vertical wheelchair lift for their others. There are many vertical wheelchair lifts appearing on the market now, so how do we, as a customer, choose a vertical wheelchair lift?

What is the vertical wheelchair lift?

First of all, we must first understand what a vertical wheelchair lift is.

The vertical wheelchair lift is mainly to solve the problem of elevators for wheelchair users the disabled, or stretcher beds. Initially, it was mainly used in public places (such as stations, shopping malls, etc.), where there are steps or higher floors. For people in wheelchairs, their movements are very inconvenient, so these elevators are needed to help them cross some. Obstacles that are not easy to cross or help them reach higher floors. Therefore, when elevators are equipped in public buildings, vertical wheelchair lifts must be installed.

But now more and more people choose vertical wheelchair lifts even at home, in order to make it easier for the elderly at home or wheelchair users to travel and go up and downstairs.

The vertical wheelchair lift currently mainly uses the principle of hydraulic lifting. Because the hydraulic elevator has a larger load, more reliable performance, and more durable, low maintenance costs, and there is a low cost-effective barrier-free.


The difference between vertical wheelchair lift and conventional elevators?

In addition, many people will ask, what is the difference between the vertical wheelchair lift and the elevators we take  a daily basis?


The appearance is different: the vertical wheelchair lift will be equipped with a deputy control panel for the disabled, a braille button, a half-length mirror on the rear wall of the car, a voice announcement, and three-sided handrails.

The application situation is different: vertical wheelchair lifts are suitable for wheelchair users visually handicapped persons or stretcher beds to enter and use; ordinary elevators serve a number of specific floors in the building, and their cars run in at least two rows perpendicular to the horizontal plane Or permanent transportation equipment that moves on a rigid track with an inclination angle of less than 15° from the vertical.

The installation requirements are different: vertical wheelchair lifts must be equipped with elevators in public buildings. The design of barrier-free facilities in the waiting hall requires that the depth of the waiting hall is greater than or equal to 1.80m; the button height is 0.90-1.10m; ordinary elevators operate Load and unload cargo between at least two rows of vertical or rigid rails with an inclination angle of less than 18°.

The use requirements are different: the vertical wheelchair lift requires that the passenger elevator cannot be used as a freight elevator, and it is absolutely not allowed to load flammable and explosive materials; if an ordinary elevator is moving up it will stop at the first floor immediately without opening the door,and then return to the first floor station , And automatically open the elevator door.


Of course, this is only the installation requirement for vertical wheelchair lifts located in public places. If we buy and install them indoors or outdoors, we can customize a barrier-free according to our own room layout, regardless of platform size or lifting height, can be customized according to their actual requirements.

What kind of vertical wheelchair lift maybe you choose ?

The main structure consists of a guide rail and a platform, as shown in the figure.


The main components of the vertical wheelchair lift are all installed inside the guide rails,which greatly guarantees the integrity of the elevator. The greater advantage of this is that the installation is convenient and the installation space is greatly saved. Not to mention, we can even ship the whole machine according to your requirements when shipping so that when you receive the vertical wheelchair lift, after unpacking the wooden box, you can directly place it in a suitable location and directly connect it to the power supply.

Cabin options of vertical wheelchair lift:

At present, as a manufacturer, we can currently provide you with three types of vertical wheelchair lifts for you to choose from.


1. Full-open vertical wheelchair lift, this is the model most selected by our customers, this model has 180 degrees of import and export.

At the same time, in addition to the operating surface, the other side of the guardrail can be customizd for you as a glass type (tempered glass), which is safer and more beautiful. This style is more convenient when the lifting height is not very high.

2. Semi-enclosed vertical wheelchair lift, we will install guardrails around the platform for you, and the exit is sliding door. It can better ensure the safety of passengers. Of course, it can also be customized as a glass type for you.

3. Fully enclosed vertical wheelchair lift, add a car on the basis of the platform, similar to a conventional hydraulic elevator. When you need a higher lifting height, it is recommended that you choose this model, and the car can be designed according to your requirements.

Door opening direction options of vertical wheelchair lift:


For the use of vertical wheelchair lifts, we also consider that your actual installation location and space may have special circumstances,so we provide you with 4 different door opening directions. You can refer to the figure for specific conditions. If you have other requirements, you can also tell us, our engineers will try our best to meet your requirements, or provide you with other alternatives.

Details of the vertical wheelchair lift:

As a vertical wheelchair lift manufacturer, we specialize in the production of vertical wheelchair lifts, and are committed to providing you with safe, reliable, and cost-effective vertical wheelchair lifts. Let us briefly understand some details of the vertical wheelchair lift.


1.There will be a fixed ramp, for users easy coming in and out. In this way, it no need dig a pit

2.Full-stroke anti-drop system with high safety factor. 

3.We add a safety touch panel under the 2 platform. Once the safety touch panel hits the obstacle during the descent, it immediately stops power and stops falling, thus eliminating the potential danger. 


4.The guide rail adopts aviation aluminum alloy to open the mold, with high strength and beautiful appearance.

5.Using differential cylinder,fast lifting speed,energy saving.

6.The power will be cut off if press Emergency Stop button, and the ascending /descending process will be stopped.

Manufacturer of vertical wheelchair lift

When choosing a product, we have to consider many aspects. The product itself is the most important. As a vertical wheelchair lift to be used frequently, quality is the most important. After all, safety is what we have to consider, and the other is the customized service that can be provided.Choose the vertical wheelchair lift you need according to your own installation conditions. TUHE, as an elevator manufacturer, we are committed to providing you with a cost-effective, high-quality and safe vertical wheelchair lift. We have professional engineers to provide you with solutions and excellent after-sales service. I believe you will get one at TUHE. Satisfactory vertical wheelchair lift.

If you are planning to buy a vertical wheelchair lift, come and consult us.

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