low cost home elevator cost

low cost home elevator cost
Home elevator becomes necessaries recently years, especially for those who lives in houses with multilayer and family members include elderly or children. Choosing a suitable home elevator, besides considering safety and comfort, another important issue is cost, how to solve the biggest problem with the least amount of money? What is the lowest cost of home elevator? How much does a low cost home elevator cost? we will analysis these questions today.

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   Home elevator becomes necessaries recently years, especially for those who lives in houses with multilayer and family members include elderly or children. Choosing a suitable home elevator, besides considering safety and comfort, another important issue is cost, how to solve the biggest problem with the least amount of money? What is the lowest cost of home elevator? How much does a low cost home elevator cost? we will analysis these questions today.

  The common home elevator types in the market now are hydraulic elevators, traction elevators, and screw elevators. The cost of these home elevators in descending order from cheap to expensive, are hydraulic, traction and screw, it means screws elevators are most expensive, hydraulic elevators are the cheapest.

  So the answer of this question how much does a low cost home elevator cost, will be the cost of hydraulic elevator. If you want to know the cost of hydraulic elevator, you should know its history first.

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Hydraulic elevator, which we also called hydraulic lift, now its mostly for home use, but at the beginning its for commercial use, and has a very long history in lift industry. Hydraulic lift is the earliest lift structure, since 19th century. Initially, water was used as a hydraulic medium. After entering the 20th century, with the rise of the petroleum industry, people began to replace water with petroleum products as hydraulic medium, accelerating the development of hydraulic elevators. After World War II, hydraulic devices that rapidly developed due to military needs began to shift towards industrial and civilian neighborhoods. With these technologies, people developed hydraulic elevators for cargo lifting. 

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  After entering the 1950s, a group of companies specializing in the production of hydraulic elevators emerged in Europe, such as GMV in Italy, ALGI in Germany, BERINGER in Switzerland and so on.In the following decades, hydraulic elevators were able to develop rapidly, achieve industrial mass production, have more complete structures, and have greatly improved safety. The market share of hydraulic elevators once reached over 80%.

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   Since the 21st century, with the booming development of the construction industry, the height of buildings always exceeded 100 meters. Traditional hydraulic elevators cannot meet the requirements of such ultra-high buildings, and are replaced by traction elevators. Hydraulic elevators are more inclined to be used in buildings with a height of no more than 15 meters and no more than 5 floors, so hydraulic elevators are gradually developing towards home elevators and are now the most common home elevator type in the market.

Besides some of the famous brands from Europe, there are also some new rising stars from Asia, such as us TUHE from China, has been in hydraulic lift industry for a decade, already became a leader company in China. TUHE products have sold to over 50 countries and regions, won a very good reputation by good quality and lower price.

  Speak of low cost home elevator costs, we also need to know how much the high cost home elevator costs. There are 3 types of home lifts in the market, hydraulic elevator, screw elevator and traction elevator.

  The hydraulic elevator is an elevator that uses the hydraulic power source to put the hydraulic oil pressure into the oil cylinder to make the plunger move in a straight line, and indirectly makes the car move through the steel wire rope. In brief, the hydraulic elevator refers to that the hydraulic pressure is put into the oil cylinder through the pump station, the oil cylinder rises, and the car is lifted indirectly through the high-strength row chain/wire rope. The elevator descends by pressing the oil cylinder to drain oil through the self weight of the car. Hydraulic elevator can travel at most 5 stops, distance at most 12m, speed from 0.1m/s to 0.3m/s, load 250kg, 350kg or 400kg as standard.

  Traction elevator is the most common elevator type the the market, especially for commercial use. One end of the traction wire rope is connected to the car through the traction wheel, and the other end is connected to the counterweight. In order to make the lift car and counterweight in the elevator shaft run along the guide rail in the elevator shaft without rubbing, a guide wheel is placed on the traction machine to separate them. The gravity of the lift car and the counterweight device makes the traction wire rope compress in the traction sheave groove to generate friction. In this way, the motor rotates to drive the traction wheel to rotate, drive the steel wire rope, and drag the car and counterweight to make relative movement. That is, lift car rises and counterweight falls; The counterweight rises and the lift car descends. Therefore, the car moves up and down along the guide rail in the elevator shaft, and the elevator performs the vertical transportation task. Traction elevator can travel no matter how many stops and how many meters, standard load 250kg, 320kg and 400kg, speed 0.2m/s to 0.4m/s,  speed is adjustable.

    The screw elevator uses the motor as the power source. The motor is connected to the nut through the belt, and the nut tooth pattern and the screw tooth pattern mesh with each other. The nut is connected to the car. When the motor is working, the screw is rotated by the motor to drive the nut to move on the screw, thus driving the car to move up and down. The safety is high. Even if the power is lost, the screw will drive the motor to do greater negative work. The drop will be very slow and will not fall freely. Screw elevator can only travel no more than 3 stops, distance no more than 9m, because the screw length is needed corresponding the travel height, a screw longer than 9m will be very difficult to transport and install. The speed is also very slow, normally 0.1m/s, load standard 250kg.



Hydraulic lift

Screw lift

Traction lift

2 stops




3 stops




4 stops




5 stops





  From the previous text, we can find that the lowest cost of home elevator is hydraulic elevator. Besides hydraulic home elevator, there are also one other hydraulic lift we called wheelchair lift, the cost is even much lower than regular hydraulic elevator.

  Wheelchair lift is also called VPL, is short of vertical platform lift, its also hydraulic lift but simpler, not has full covered cabin, and travel height no more than 3.5m, suitable for some building has a few step stairs, disabled can not across. Its very easy to install because we already assemble it before leave our factory, aluminum alloy material so its small and light weight to transport.

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  Anyway in order for you to know more details of low cost home elevator costs, here we make a price list of 2 kinds of hydraulic lifts. (Notes: the prices are just for reference, since the lifts are full customized products, the actual price is according to final size and configuration)

1. Wheelchair lift costs

Travel height

Stainless steel type cost

Plastic aluminum type cost













  This wheelchair lift price lift is only for basic lift body, we still have so many options, such as automatic ramp for wheelchair to get on and off the platform, platform door to protect passenger during lifting, landing door on 2nd floor to cover the lift range.

2. Hydraulic lift cost


Shaftless lift body cost

Lift with glass shaft cost

2 stops



3 stops



4 stops



5 stops



This hydraulic home lift price list is also for basic lift body, but already included safety devices and basic decorations.

2.1 Hot galvanized structure, which is more anti rust than painting.

2.2 Governor and tensionor, same as passenger elevator,  which can make the cabin stop immediately if the speed is over 0.4m/s.

2.3 1:3 design, it means when the cylinder move 1m, the cabin will move 3m, travel speed can reach 0.3m/s, which is faster than 1:2.

2.4 Special design control system, no need to connect too many wires, only some plug to fill in, very simple and clean.

2.5 Nylon guide wheel, which is more durable and silence than steel wheel. Wheels covered by steel plates, apart from damage.

2.6 Passenger elevator wire rope, which is more stable and silence than chain.

2.7 Oil return tube, as a backup tube for hydraulic oil if the main tube breaks, and it can make the air out of the oil cylinder.

2.8 All structure bolts connected, no need welding.

2.9 Multiple COP&LOP options, can customize your logo or picture.

Multiple stainless colors and etched patterns to make your home lift much special.

2.10 Bottom safety sensor, when any object or person under the platform when lift going down, it will stop immediately.

  Above are some brief introduction of low cost home elevator, its 100% customized according to your house size and interior decoration, so if you are looking for a low cost home elevator, please do contact us to get a exclusive design and your best offer!

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