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1-12m lifting height custom wheelchair lift manufacturers usa

  • *Model:JFH/G -3000mm
  • *Lift height:3000mm
  • *Work height:4050mm
  • *Load capacity:400kg
  • *Weight:1000kg
  • *Platform size:1000*1400mm or customized
  • *Overall size:1300*1400mm or customized
  • *Power supply:220v 50Hz Single Phase Or Customized
  • *Brand:Tuhe

Our custom wheelchair lift provide access to the stage and platform for the disabled. The elevator is completely independent and compact without additional components. Portability makes it possible to access auxiliary functions in multiple locations with only one elevator. The design of the elevator makes it a portable elevator. As an usa manufacturer, we also provide customized services.


Custom wheelchair lift manufacturers usa has the main features,it is a safe, simple and reliable vertical platform elevator like a mini family elevator. Often referred to as a porch elevator, this residential vertical platform elevator is an affordable home barrier-free solution, giving wheelchair users an alternative entrance


Bottomless pit and machine room requirements, directly installed on the ground

It is suitable for the reconstruction of barrier-free passages in public places, and can be used outdoors

The standard platform size is 0.9 meters X 1.4 meters, which can be used by wheelchairs

Equipped with bottom safety touch panel to ensure that the equipment can stop the elevator when encountering obstacles

Hydraulic drive system optimizes product performance and simpler mechanism

Height from 1 meter to 12 meters-depends on the model and options you choose.

Platform lifting capacity of 400kg or more ( customizable ).

Indoor or outdoor.

Easy to install.

Use a standard household power supply. The voltage can be customized.

The door is movable and can be easily hinged from both sides.

Adjustable automatic safety stop height makes it easy to use.

It can be disassembled and installed indoors.


The opening mode of the car of the wheelchair lift elevator can be designed according to the requirements. You can choose the opposite door to go in and out, or 90 degrees to go in and out. The size of the platform is enough to accommodate a wheelchair and a servant. In order to facilitate the disabled or the elderly to go in and out, we add an extended pedal, just like a bridge between the wheelchair lift elevator and the ground, The elderly can go in and out smoothly, which also increases the sense of security of the disabled and the elderly


Custom wheelchair lift manufacturers usa has the different cabins to choose,The car of our wheelchair elevator is customized according to the requirements. It can be made into a half height car or a whole car. The height can be adjusted according to the height of the top floor. The wall of wheelchair elevator is made of aluminum alloy and has anti-corrosion property. Customers don't have to worry about the problem of transportation. The car is packaged as a whole in the process of transportation. After the elevator arrives at the customer's site, It can be installed directly. The power line is also connected in a unified way. The customer does not need to connect the power wire separately. The pump station of wheelchair lift elevator is completely hidden in the guide rail.


Custom wheelchair lift manufacturers usa has the some safety measurement:

Double steel mesh high pressure hydraulic oil pipe

Explosion-proof value of gas cylinder

emergency button

Emergency lowering valve in case of power failure

The machine can work only when the door is fully closed

Upper limit safety switch

Touch and stop function(If the bottom of the platform touches a person or an obstacle, the platform will stop immediately)

The Benefit you will get with our custom wheelchair lift

Make it possible for people can stay in a comfortable home environment.

Enrich your social life.

Easier and safer home access.

The cost is lower than the substitute.

Flexible configuration and high cost performance



At present, our barrier free elevator has been exported to many countries, and has passed the CE and ISO9001 certification. In addition, we provide a one-year warranty. If there are any problems in this year, you can contact us


If you want to ask anything just fill in the form below and send us. We will contact you within 12 hours.

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