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Custom wheelchair platform vertical commercial exterior lift

JFH/G -450
Lift height
Work height
Load capacity
Platform size
1000*1400mm or customized
Overall size
1300*1400mm or customized
Power supply
220v 50Hz single phase or customized

wheelchair lifting platform makes your access more convenient. This is a multifunctional lifting platform with simple design and reliable operation. It has a wide range of applications. The vertical lifting platform with the combination of platform and shaft has the advantages of fast and stable operation, high product safety and easy installation. Small floor area, no need for machine pit. It can easily carry a wheelchair and wheelchair passengers, and its payload can be 400kg


This video is about custom wheelchair exterior lift. We are a professional manufacturer of wheelchair lift. Our business supports OEM and customized wheelchair lift.


The type of wheelchair platform vertical commercial lift that can be customized.

For commerical wheelchair lift we have several type of cabin, like the half opposite door design, the enclosed half cabin, the enclosed cabin.


Lift Cabin Door Design could be one side opening ,two side opening ,three sides opening.


Custom commercial wheelchair lift Features and Advantages:

1. Aluminum Alloy material with great anti corrossion function.

2. High quality pump station make the wheelchair lifts and falls very stably.

3. Automatical Safety sensor at bottom stop lowering when come accorss barrier.

4. Electric magnetic lock works during lifting and lowering to guarantee safety



We have finished a lot of oversea project for disabled home elevator, kindly send us inquiry, let us talk details


These commercial wheelhair lift are widely used.

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