Home car lift

Home car lift
Home car lift
Home car lift is used for car maintainence and repair. It is easy to be used and it’s convenient to help person to fix their own car. Home car lift is one of our the most popular products, as more and more people have chosen to repair and maintain their cars personally, this product rapidly occupies the market and gets famous. If you like your cars and like to do some “massage” to it, the home car lift is your best choice. Not like jacks and stands, home car lift is very time-saving and efficient.

There are 3 main models of home car lift: scissor car lift, two post car lift and clear floor two post car lift. Now please let me introduce the 3 models car lift to you.


1. Scissor home car lift

Scissor car lift is made up by two small scissor lift structures and one control box. The feature of this model is small, convenient, economical, and it can be moved to different place. It’s specialized for small cars and SUVS, it can carry max 4T up to 1.2m height. Scissor home car lift is the best choice for home garage and personal warehouse.

For going up, it uses hydraulic power from the hydraulic oil cylinders. When you push the button, it will lift and stop at the max height. Our special 5 tooth lock guarantees the car won’t drop, it is like a quintuple protection. For going down, we have two different models. Usually it will need a air pump to unlock the 5 tooth lock first then push the button for lowering. And, for customers who doesn’t have an air pump, we have manual pump for lowering, this pump is inside of the control box. You just need to step the pump several times until the 5 tooth lock unlocked, then push the lowering button. 


2. Two post home car lift

Two post car lift has two high rectangular columns and two support arms, this model of car lift can lift max. 4.5T up to 1.75m height. In this way, the repairman can stand under the car for maintainence instead of lying or squating, it is more convenient and more efficient. There are steel wire ropes as safety device, so no worries about car dropping. 


3. Clear floor two post home car lift

Clear floor car lift is an updated model from two post car lift, it also has two high rectangular columns and two support arms, this model of car lift can lift max. 8T up to 1.9m height. The force point of this device is on the top cross brace, so it’s more convenient and safe when standing on the clear floor work on car repair.


How to use the home car lift?

1. Before use, remove the equipment and debris that hinder the operation of the lift, and check whether the operating handle is normal.

2. The operating mechanism is sensitive and effective, and the hydraulic system is not slowness.

3. When supporting the vehicle, the four supporting angles should be on the same plane, and adjust the height of the supporting angle rubber pad to contact the supporting part of the vehicle chassis.

4. When supporting the vehicle, the vehicle cannot be supported too high, and the four brackets must be locked after being supported.

5. After the lifted vehicle enters, the lift support block should be adjusted and moved to align with the specified lifting point of the vehicle.

6. Personnel should leave the vehicle when lifting, and when lifting to the required height, the safety lock pin must be inserted and safety and reliability can be ensured before starting work under the vehicle.

7. Except for subsistence allowances and minor repairs, other cumbersome and cumbersome tasks should not be operated on the lifter.

8. The lift must not rise and fall frequently.

9. It is strictly forbidden to lift the lift when someone is working.


Home car lift maintenance

1. Conventional maintenance must be carried out by the operator every three months, if the user is used more frequently or in a harsher environment, the user himself depending on the specific circumstances correspondingly shorten the maintenance time.

2. During the daily operation, it must be checked whether the safety device is sensitive and effective, whether the hydraulic system is leaking, whether the oil quantity is sufficient, and whether the column guide is lubricated with grease.

3. Check whether the main and vice safety hooks are sensitive and reliable.

4. Check whether the synchronous steel wire rope is loose. If loose, please tension and fix.

5. Check the oil quantity in the oil tank and replenish the hydraulic oil.

6. Clean the hydraulic system.

7. Hydraulic oil is routinely replaced once a year (first use three months to replace). When replacing the hydraulic oil, the lift to the lowest position, the hydraulic oil should not have any pressure (zero pressure).

8. Clean the column guide on the oil and burrs, check whether the slider wear is serious, should be replaced in a timely manner.


FAQs about home car lift

1. How do I install home car lift?

We have details installation manual for you, and we will be there for you 7*24H. If you have any questions, please just contact us.

2. What should I do for the hydraulic oil?

Please choose #32 and #46 antiwear hydraulic oil for home car lift. The difference is that if it’s cold and under ten degrees below zero, please use #32 hydraulic oil. And if it’s hot in your place, please use #46 hydraulic oil.

3. How does my floor need to be for home car lift?

It’s according to the car lift model you choose, but normally a concrete thickness of 200mm will be good enough.


As a professional lift manufacturer, we TUHE company can provide you kinds of home car lift, and we can customize it according to your requirements, such like color, size, functions and etc. Whether car repair shop or personal garage, with our car lift, you will have a great convenience and efficiency boost in car repair. Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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