Hydraulic car lift for garage

Hydraulic car lift for garage
Hydraulic car lift for garage
Hydraulic car lift for garage
Hydraulic car lift for garage
Hydraulic car lift for garage
Home car lift is used for car maintainence and repair. It is easy to be used and it’s convenient to help person to fix their own car. Home car lift is one of our the most popular products, as more and more people have chosen to repair and maintain their cars personally, this product rapidly occupies the market and gets famous. If you like your cars and like to do some “massage” to it, the home car lift is your best choice. Not like jacks and stands, home car lift is very time-saving and efficient.

Hydraulic car lift for garage Introduction

Scissor-type car lifts, adopting a scissor-type lifting structure, are mainly used for car transportation between different floors, such as car 4S shops, exhibition halls, high-end villa underground parking lots and multi-storey parking lots. It can also be used as a car maintenance lifting platform for car maintenance. Scissor car lifts can only be used for even-loaded car conveying occasions, and cannot be used as ordinary platforms or conveying personnel. Car lifts are equipped with a complete operating device, button box and external terminal box connected to the guardrail and door frame. The maximum parameters of the standard model of car lift are as follows:-Load: 3000-5000 kg-Maximum stroke: 7000 mm-Table size: 6000 x 3500 mm. We can design and produce according to customers' special requirements

Car scissor lift has many uses, but it's primarily a car lift for home garages. For decades, people have been stuck lifting cars with floor jacks and stands and only professional auto shops and high-ceiling residential garages have been able to get their cars in the air with hydraulics. Car scissor lift is a portable car lift that's safe, intelligently built and without question a superior tool than jack stands. Offering a 21" rise and open-center design, Car scissor lift is the ultimate portable solution for the average home garage.

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Features of TUHE hydraulic car lift for garage

The Stratos – SR40 is a surface mount extra low profile scissor car lift ideal for busy commercial workshops. With a minimal height of only 135mm, there aren't too many ground hugging vehicles that can't be easily lifted using the drive-on and drive-off ramps.

Hydraulic synchronisation of platforms during lift means you get the stability and the levelling you need to get the job done. Safety features abound with this model including the overload safety valve in case of sudden loss of pressure, a 24V control and a buzzer sounding during the last portion of decent.

This double hydraulic system, with double volumetric cylinder under each platform, comes surface mounted as standard with an automatic lowering control and a set of four solid rubber pads to easily support the vehicle.

With a quick lift time of approximately 40 seconds and similarly swift lowering time of 30 seconds, combined with a massive 1,987 mm lift height, this electric/hydraulic extra low profile scissor car lift can enhance productivity and profit margins.

Hydraulic car lift for garage Features: 



Rated load

3000kg,3500KG ,4000kg or customized 

The maximum height


Minimum height


Table size

140*194cm, wide 530cm 

width between two platefrom


Total width


Oil pressure


Main pump

powder supply ,2,2kw (415V,380V,220V,110V)

Gross weight


Available in a range of sizes, we sell customised hoists and hydraulic car lifts to fit into most garage or workshop spaces, fit for industrial, commercial, or at-home purposes. We are one of the largest stockists of hoists in the country, with new products arriving every week, rivalling the likes of Pacific and Molnar.

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Hydraulic car lift for garage quality over price is critical

The industry has been flooded with poorly made hoists that don’t comply with local workplace laws. Buying a hoist is a solid investment so take the time to understand the differences between the types of hoists and make sure to choose quality over price.Remember you are entrusting your life or the lives of your employees to the safety and security of the hoist that you purchase, so it is a good idea to allow your buying decision to be guided by the quality and safety reputation of the equipment rather than by the cheapest offer available.

When looking for a car lift for your home garage space, there are a few factors to take into consideration, particularly when it comes to safety.

Hydraulic car lift for garage Security options

If your garage space is limited, the larger industrial-grade two-post lifts or four-post car lifts probably won’t fit, and, if they do, will take up all the floor space in your garage. If your space is a little roomier, you may be able to get one of these heavy-duty lifts in there.

Taking into consideration the size of the power unit, the length, and the width is the first step in seeing if the particular vehicle lifting unit works for you. If it doesn’t, and your space is limited, car ramp lifts, scissor lifts, or more portable, low rise or mid-rise lifts are a better option.

In addition, the weight of the vehicle you need to lift will play a role in your selection process since each vehicle lift has a maximum weight capacity, so you want to make sure that the car lift you choose can actually lift your vehicle. For larger cars, trucks, and SUVs, a heavy-duty, large pound-capacity car lift, for instance, one that can lift a vehicle of 9,000 pounds or more, will be required.

Last but certainly not least, is taking note of the safety features each vehicle lift offers. Automatic safety locks, safety lock release, a lock bar, arms restraints, hydraulic flow restrictor, anti-sway blocks, and cable chains are all great safety features to look for.

Reading the manuals, particularly with regards to safety, and adhering to the safety rules is, understandably, a necessity. In addition to this, not exceeding the weight capacity is of utmost safety importance.


1. What is a hydraulic car lift for a garage, and how does it work?

A hydraulic car lift is a mechanical device designed to elevate vehicles in a garage. It typically consists of a hydraulic pump system that raises and lowers a set of platforms, allowing for the vertical storage of vehicles.

2. What are the main benefits of installing a hydraulic car lift in my garage?

The benefits include maximizing parking space, convenient vehicle access, secure storage, versatility for multiple vehicles, and the ability to use the lift for maintenance and repairs.

3. Can a hydraulic car lift be installed in any garage?

While hydraulic car lifts are versatile, certain factors need consideration, such as ceiling height, garage floor strength, and compliance with local building codes. Professional installation is often recommended to ensure safety and adherence to regulations.

4. What types of vehicles can be stored on a hydraulic car lift?

Hydraulic car lifts are designed to accommodate various vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, SUVs, and more. The weight capacity and platform size of the lift should match the specific vehicles you plan to store.

5. Are hydraulic car lifts easy to operate?

Yes, hydraulic car lifts are designed to be user-friendly. Many models come with simple controls, and the lifting and lowering process is typically straightforward. Some lifts even feature remote control options for added convenience.

6. Can I perform maintenance tasks on my vehicles while they are on the hydraulic car lift?

Yes, hydraulic car lifts provide a convenient and elevated working platform, making maintenance tasks such as oil changes, tire rotations, and inspections more accessible. This added functionality turns your garage into a versatile workspace.

7. How do I ensure that my garage has sufficient space for a hydraulic car lift?

Measure the available floor space and ceiling height in your garage. Consider the dimensions of the hydraulic car lift you're interested in, and ensure that there's enough clearance for raised vehicles. Professional installers can provide guidance on space requirements.

8. Are hydraulic car lifts safe for long-term vehicle storage?

Yes, hydraulic car lifts are designed with safety features such as locking mechanisms to secure the elevated position. When properly installed and used according to manufacturer guidelines, they provide a secure and stable storage solution.

9. Can I install a hydraulic car lift myself, or do I need professional installation?

Professional installation is recommended for hydraulic car lifts. This ensures proper setup, adherence to safety standards, and compliance with building codes. Professional installers can also assess your garage's suitability for a hydraulic car lift.

10. Are hydraulic car lifts a good investment for increasing property value?

Yes, installing a hydraulic car lift can potentially increase the overall value of your property, especially for car enthusiasts or individuals seeking a unique and functional feature in their garage. It adds a distinctive element that may appeal to future buyers.

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