The best hydraulic car lift with Factory price

The best hydraulic car lift with Factory price
The best hydraulic car lift with Factory price
The best hydraulic car lift with Factory price
The best hydraulic car lift with Factory price
The best hydraulic car lift with Factory price
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There are also many forms of hydraulic car lift, classified from the column structure, mainly including single post hydraulic car lift, two post hydraulic car lift, four post hydraulic car lift, scissor hydraulicc car lift and trench hydraulic car lift.

Hydraulic car lift


Introduction to Hydraulic car lift

Hydraulic car lift is a device used to lift the car in the process of car maintenance. The car is driven to the hydraulic car lift station, and the car can be lifted to a certain height through manual operation, which is convenient for car maintenance. Hydraulic car lift plays a very important role in car repair and maintenance. Now all repair shops are equipped with hydraulic car lift. hydraulic car lift is a necessary equipment for car repair shops.

Of course, now we also have many home hydraulic car lifts to save space. This hydraulic car lift is usually divided into column type and scissor type. With the popularity of home garages, more and more customers like these two kinds of hydraulic car lifts. 

There are different types of Car lift, and it is important to pay attention to every detail of the product you are considering. In order to reduce the pressure of your search for car lifts, we have listed a series of currently available options for you, and highlighted the ones that are worth considering. Learn more below.

Hydraulic car lift classification

There are also many forms of hydraulic car lift, classified from the column structure, mainly including single post hydraulic car lift, two post hydraulic car lift, four post hydraulic car lift, scissor hydraulic car lift and trench hydraulic car lift.

(1)Single post hydraulic car lift

Single post hydraulic car lift is a special equipment that lifts cars and other vehicles parked on the ground to a certain height for maintenance. It is a typical local lift for automobiles and construction vehicles in order to replace wheels and tires or for vehicles. A machine for various maintenance tasks on the chassis.


Single post hydraulic car lift is easy to operate, beautiful, and can lift heavy objects conveniently and effortlessly without taking up space. It has the effect of saving time and effort. It is completely placed on the ground when not in use, which is convenient for car reversing and placing objects. It is an indispensable tool for car repair. Single post hydraulic car lift is divided into two types: movable type and fixed type. The single-pillar mobile hydraulic car lift is suitable for indoor and outdoor venues, and the single-pillar fixed hydraulic car lift is suitable for places with a relatively compact indoor area.

(2)Two post hydraulic car lift

Two post hydraulic car lift is a kind of special mechanical lifting equipment commonly used by auto repair and maintenance units. It is widely used in the repair and maintenance of small cars such as cars.

Features of Two post hydraulic car lift:

Two post hydraulic car lift can save a lot of ground space while lifting the car in the air, which is convenient for ground operations. However, the two post hydraulic car lift generally removes the bottom plate in order to save material the most. Because there is no bottom plate, the torsion of the column needs to be offset by the ground, so the foundation is very demanding. If there is a beam (gantry hydraulic car lift), it is offset by the beam.


Classification of Two post hydraulic car lift:

Two post hydraulic car lift has two types: symmetrical and asymmetrical.

1. The arm length of the four arms of the symmetrical hydraulic car lift is aproximately the same, so that the center of the car (or center of mass) is in the middle of the column. For the daily maintenance of pickup trucks and vans, this symmetrical hydraulic car lift Probably the best choice. But for some symmetrical double-pillar hydraulic car lifts where the width between the pillars is not large enough, the inability to open the door after the car is lifted is a big disadvantage.

2. The column of the asymmetric hydrauic car lift is rotated backward by an angle (about 30°), and the forearm is slightly shorter than the rear arm. When the car is parked in the proper position of this asymmetrical hydraulic car lift, the position of the car moves a bit backward, so we can easily get in and out from the door. Moreover, this asymmetric hydraulic car lift rotating column can ensure that the center of gravity of the vehicle is safely positioned between the columns.


(3)Four post hydraulic car lift

Four post hydraulic car lift is a kind of special mechanical lifting equipment commonly used in repair and maintenance units of large-tonnage cars or trucks. Four post hydraulic car lift is also very suitable for four-wheel alignment, because generally four post hydraulic car lifts have a four-wheel alignment gear. The position can be adjusted and the level can be ensured.


Features of Four post hydraulic car lift:

Four post hydraulic car lift is divided into upper cylinder type and lower cylinder type according to its structure.

0>The cylinder of the upper cylinder type four post hydraulic car lift is placed on the top of the column (with beam), and the cylinder of the lower cylinder type is placed under the plate.

1>The upper cylinder type four post hydraulic car lift mainly relies on four chains to pull up the four corners, and the tension cylinder is placed on the top. This structure is simple, but its own weight is increased. Most of the upper cylinder type four post hydraulic car lift secondary lift is manual or pneumatic, and the repairman needs to run to the bottom to operate, which is inconvenient and unsafe for users who often use the secondary lift. The safety device is a pneumatic device, which is more troublesome if there is no air source.

2>The four post hydraulic car lift of the lower cylinder mainly relies on four thick steel cables to pull up the four corners, and the pull cylinder is placed under the flat plate, and the force is transmitted to the four sides through six discs. This structure is relatively compact and its own weight is reduced. The secondary lifting is generally electro-hydraulic, connected with the main pump, just turn the switching valve, the lifting speed is fast, the safety device is a wedge type, the four wedges are linked by a tie rod, and the safety device can be opened by pulling the tie rod , Convenient and durable.


(4) Scissor hydraulic car lift

Features of Scissor hydraulic car lift:

The executive part of Scissor hydraulic car lift adopts the form of scissor stack rod, electric drive mechanical transmission structure, which is widely used in the maintenance of large vehicles. The lifting speed of Scissor hydraulic car lift is moderate and does not occupy the position of the car pit. It is undoubtedly the best choice for the repair field of some models with relatively fixed and high work intensity (such as in buses). Moreover, due to its simple structure and good synchronization, it is generally used as a platform for a four-wheel aligner.


1. Beautiful model, double-layer hidden structure, superior synchronization performance.

2. The level is precisely adjustable, suitable for all kinds of high-precision four-wheel positioning.

3. It is convenient for tire disassembly and chassis maintenance.

4. The position of the front wheel corner plate (optional) is adjustable, and the rear wheel slide plate is lengthened.

5. Pneumatic double-tooth self-locking safety and anti-pipe explosion device, automatic opening when lowering, no need to add oil and super wear-resistant material sliding block.

6. Imported hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical components make the equipment run smoothly and reliably.


Classification of Scissor hydraulic car lift:

1. Scissor hydraulic car lift is divided into several types, such as large shear (mother-child type), small shear (single shear) hydraulic car lift, and ultra-thin series scissor hydraulic car lift. This type of machine is the mainstream product in the future, and this type of product is used on a large scale abroad.

2. The small scissors hydraulic car lift is mainly used for car repair and maintenance, with high safety and easy operation. After trenching, it is level with the ground.

3. The big shear hydraulic car lift has a lot of gushing out. It is the best equipment to cooperate with the four-wheel alignment device, and can be used for car maintenance, tire and chassis maintenance. It can be trenched or installed directly on the ground.

4. The ultra-thin series scissor hydraulic car lift does not require digging and is suitable for any repair shop. Some floors are not suitable for installing two post hydraulic car lift and ordinary four post hydraulic car lift. However, the machine has a wide contact surface with the floor, so it can be installed in any On the floor slab that can be driven, solve the customer's site problem.



(5) Trench hydraulic car lift

Features of trench hydraulic car lift:

The trench hydraulic car lift is an ideal equipment for large passenger car maintenance. It is more practical for workshops with low space and is of high quality and low price. The hydraulic car lift of the trench type car is installed on the two side rails above the trench. Generally, it adopts an electric drive mode, and the worm and worm gear decelerate to drive the screw and the lifting beam to rise and fall. This design method makes the trench hydraulic car lift move more flexible, with greater lifting force, stable lifting, and extremely convenient operation and installation. It is the most ideal lifting equipment for various maintenance companies that repair buses and trucks. The position of the front wheel corner plate (optional) of the trench track four-wheel positioning hydraulic car lift is adjustable, and the rear wheel slide plate is lengthened, which is suitable for positioning measurement of various car models.


Drive type

Classified from the drive type of hydraulic car lift, it is mainly divided into three categories: pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical. Among them, the hydraulic type is the most, followed by the mechanical type, and the pneumatic is the least. The following is a brief introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of hydraulic and mechanical hydraulic car lift.


Features of hydraulic car lift:

1. Mechanical car lift

Mechanical car lift mainly includes single-motor-driven threaded drive car lift and dual-motor-driven threaded drive hydraulic car lift. This type of car lift is characterized by good synchronization. Since it is generally driven by motor and screw drive, there is no oil leakage pollution. Problem, and self-locking protection is simple and easy. However, due to the high cost of mechanical wear and maintenance (the gong mother and bearings often need to be replaced), maintenance and replacement are required every year, and the customer will eventually replace the product with a hydraulic car lift with a low maintenance cost.

2. Hydraulic car lift

The hydraulic car lift is characterized by its stability, low noise and high power. The maintenance cost of hydraulic car lift is low, and it is no problem to use the cylinder for 5-10 years. In terms of the development trend of hydraulic car lift, it must be developed in the direction of safety, simplicity, long service life, low noise and low price. Hydraulic car lift is bound to be the mainstream of hydraulic car lift market development in the future.


There are two types of hydraulic car lift, one is single-cylinder hydraulic car lift, and the other is double-cylinder hydraulic car lift.

1. The advantages of single-cylinder hydraulic car lift are: good synchronization, no turbulence, with thick bottom plate, hydraulic car lift's torsion force is offset by the bottom plate, easy to level, the whole machine is safe, and it is suitable for places with poor foundations.

2. Double-cylinder hydraulic car lift is divided into two types: gantry hydraulic car lift and thin-floor hydraulic car lift. Because it is a double-cylinder, the synchronization problem is difficult to solve. It is often balanced by two wire ropes. The oil cylinder and the wire rope should be adjusted to the same tightness. Only lift can be synchronized. The hydraulic car lift manufactured by our company has solved this problem.


How to choose hydraulic car lift

There are many ways to classify hydraulic car lift according to different standards, but the structure of the column is the most obvious feature of any kind of hydraulic car lift, and its drive lifting system is also the most important consideration for different user groups when purchasing hydraulic car lift.

Each hydraulic car lift has its own characteristics. Different types provide us with different choices. We can also choose the most  hydraulic car lift according to our specific requirements. From variety to quality and then to price, we can refer to factors when purchasing.

Lifting height: Whether post hydraulic car lift or scissor hydraulic car lift, the maximum lifting height is mostly between 1.5-2m, but the height of post hydraulic car lift is about 3M, while the height of scissor hydraulic car lift will be much lower, so we can choose the appropriate hydraulic car lift according to our specific requirements.

Load: The lifting weight of post hydraulic car lift is between 3-5.5t, which can lift small and medium-sized vehicles. In comparison, the lifting weight of scissor hydraulic car lift is generally less than 3.5t, which is suitable for small vehicles. We can choose according to the vehicle we want to lift.

Installation space: Scissor hydraulic car lift analyzes the installation space by situation. Some require pits to install, but it is precisely because there are pits that will not occupy the garage space when they are not used. Some scissor car lift can be used at any time without any settings. These lifts are suitable for temporary maintenance of vehicles. Whether you need to replace tires or repair damaged wheels, scissor and portable car lifts can do these tasks well.

The installation of post hydraulic car lift is relatively simple. need to fix the whole machine without pit. The post car lifts the bolt directly into the concrete, so you need to sure there is enough space and height.


In terms of price, the price of scissor hydraulic car lift is generally higher than that of post hydraulic car lift, because it is more beautiful, the mechanical structure is more complex, the use is wider, and the models and styles are more diverse, which will be the mainstream choice in the future market. However, post hydraulic car lift has higher cost performance, so it also has a larger customer base. In short, the purchase mainly depends on your own needs. Choose the hydraulic car lift that is most suitable for us.


Car parking lift:

For car lift, we also provide you with customized Car parking lift, 100% customized according to your requirements. It is still divided into Post car lift and Scissor car lift. For those have the time, money and ability to build the garage higher but not wide, the parking lift is very suitable. After installing a parking lift in the garage, you can park the vehicle (or more vehicles) on top of the lift and park the vehicle under it (even underground), or use the space for other purposes.



TUHE, We are a hydraulic car lift manufactuer. We have our own lift factory. All raw materials are made of high-quality steel, and some important parts are imported parts. We have a professional engineer and technical team and professional after-sales service. We will provide you with the safest and most suitable products, so that you have a perfect product purchase experience and product use experience.

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