Home hydraulic lift price

Home hydraulic lift price
Home hydraulic lift price
Home hydraulic lift price
Home hydraulic lift price
Home hydraulic lift price
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Power supply
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Today hydraulic elevators are widely used in parking lots, factories and low-rise buildings. For occasions with large load, slow speed and short stroke, hydraulic elevators are more economical and suitable than traction elevators. For customers, in addition to considering the applicability and beauty of the elevator, the price of the home platform lift is also one of the important reference factors for elevator purchase. Next, I will take you to learn about home platform lift prices.

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"Home hydraulic lift price"

Home Hydraulic elevators are widely used:

With the improvement of living conditions, more and more families choose to install a practical and beautiful elevator at home. At present, the mainstream home elevators are mainly traction elevators and hydraulic elevators. However, due to the large lifting force of hydraulic elevators, high mechanical efficiency and low energy consumption, the advantages of use are especially for short strokes and heavy loads. obvious. In addition, because the hydraulic elevator does not need to set up a machine room on the roof, the vertical size of the shaft reduced, and the building space is effectively utilized, so the application prospect of the hydraulic elevator is relatively broad. 


Today hydraulic elevators are widely used in parking lots, factories and low-rise buildings. For occasions with large load, slow speed and short stroke hydraulic elevators are more economical and suitable than traction elevators.

For customers, in addition to considering the applicability and beauty of the elevator the price of the home platform lift is also one of the important reference factors for elevator purchase. Next, I will take you to learn about home platform lift prices.

The biggest feature of home elevators is that it support 100% customization, so I will show you the price of home elevators through different options for elevators.


The lifting height of the home hydraulic lift we usually provide is 3.0m to 12m. Because hydraulic elevators are mainly used in villas or houses with a height of less than 5 floors, the maximum lifting height of 12m can meet the requirements of most customers.

For Home hydraulic lift price, Let's start with the standard configuration. The elevator is mainly configured as Cabin and guide rails. Elevators can cost anywhere from 5,000 US dollars to 12,000US dollars, depending on the lift height.


We provide you with various options for the interior decorative pattern of the hydraulic elevator Cabin, the style of the PVC floor and the top LED light group, these are standard configuration and do not require extra cost. Of course, if you think such an elevator is too monotonous, or not very beautiful, don't worry, we have provided you with a large number of optional configurations.

Home hydraulic lift price Frame: 


The frame of the elevator, which can also be called the shaft. The frame will wrap the entire elevator body, making the elevator look more unified and coordinated. We provide you with 7 optional colors, all of which have the same price, and the price mainly depends on the height of the elevator. The material is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, which is strong, lighter and more durable. The price per meter is about 360 US dollars, and that price also includes the tempered glass provided for you.


Home hydraulic lift Door (under the premise of optional Frame) price

We provide customers with four kinds of doors to choose from, manual door, electric single door, electric double door, automatic center door

* Manual door, when you choose the frame, the manual door is the standard configuration, which can be provided for you for free. If you already have a well, you only need to buy the door, and the unit price is about 480 US dollars.

* Electric single door, its style is the same as the manual door. When you press the control button set outside the elevator, the door will automatically open and close. When you reach the floor you specify  the door will open automatically. It is very convenient for families with elderly and children. The unit price is around 800 US dollars.

* Electric double doors are the same as electric single doors in terms of practicability but more space-saving, and most importantly, more beautiful and luxurious. Beautiful LED light groups can be set in the doors to make the elevator look more beautiful and smart. Relatively speaking, the price is also high, the unit price is about 1600 US dollars.

* Automatic door, this kind of door is mainly used for traction elevators, but hydraulic elevators can also be installed, but this door is not as independent as other doors, its installation requires a complete set of door machine system, and the price depends on the specific installation situation to decide. The price is basically above 2000 US dollars.

Home hydraulic lift Call box price:

We offer various types of controllers, button type, touch type, can also be customized for you to unlock fingerprint, or swipe card type, the price is usually between 100 US dollars to 300 US dollars.


Home hydraulic lift Cabin decoration price

When choosing the Cabin decoration, we provide you with another option in addition to the conventional pattern, the LED light-emitting back panel.


The color of the LED light on the back panel can be customized according to your personal preferences, of course, the background pattern can also be customized to your favorite pattern. In addition, the luminous back panel will come with a Call box, which makes the cabin full of technology at the same time. It also makes the whole elevator look more luxurious. The price is around 1500 US dollars.

Home hydraulic Vertical elevator price:

There is also a home hydraulic lift that we often see. Vertical elevator, we also call it wheelchair lift. The maximum lift height is 10.5 meters. Pricing depends primarily on your custom lift height and accessory selection.

This lift has a simple and reliable structure. Usually, the lifting height we provide for our customers is between 0.8m and 3.2m, which is mainly used to overcome obstacles, steps or help them reach higher floors.

This Vertical lift can be divided into two types in terms of materials. The different materials lead to different prices. They are divided into two materials: Stainless steel and Powder coating aluminium plate.

The first is Stainless steel, the standard model can refer to the picture:


Prices for this material range from 2,000 US dollars to 3,000 US dollars. Due to material reasons, the main accessories that can be added are manual doors, which cost around 100 US dollars.

Relatively speaking, Powder coating aluminium plate has more choices.


Standard cone models are priced between 2,500 US dollars and 3,500 US dollars. When the lift height exceeds 3.2 meters, the price increases by about 450 US dollars, for every 1 meter increase in the lift height.

We can also add doors to the lift platform for between 100 US dollars and 200 US dollars. As shown in the picture, a complete enclosed cabin can also be provided for you, priced at around 1000 US dollars, which can be customized as a glass car according to your requirements, which many customers find more beautiful.


It is also worth mentioning that not only is the production material different, this lift has more safety measures.

1.Touch stop: If the bottom of the platform touches a person or an obstacle, the platform will stop immediately.

2. Emergency fall prevention: If there’s a power failure or something bad happens, the platform will be locked and won’t fall.

3. Buffer lowering: When the table is close to the ground, it will slow down and decrease to reduce inertia.

This is also the reason why this lift is more expensive than the other one. If your budget is sufficient, we also recommend you to choose this lift.


Hydraulic elevators and wheelchair elevators are the choices of more and more customers in recent years. As a manufacture, we have a professional technical research and development team and first-class engineers, committed to developing more beautiful and comfortable home elevators, and try our best to provide customers with A more perfect elevator and an excellent after-sales service team can also make you have a perfect shopping experience. In the future, our company will also provide you with more choices in the purchase of elevators. If you are planning to buy a home elevator, maybe our company will be a good choice, contact us, we will provide you with a plan and a detailed quotation as soon as possible, Welcome.


1. What factors influence the price of a home hydraulic lift?

The price of a home hydraulic lift is influenced by factors such as the type of lift (elevator, wheelchair lift, platform lift), weight capacity, lift height, customization options, installation requirements, brand reputation, safety features, maintenance and service contracts, regulatory compliance, and energy efficiency.

2. How does the type of home hydraulic lift affect its price?

Different types of home hydraulic lifts, such as residential elevators, wheelchair lifts, and platform lifts, come with varying price ranges. Elevators generally have a higher price compared to platform lifts or wheelchair lifts.

3. Does the weight capacity of a home hydraulic lift impact its cost?

Yes, the weight capacity of the lift can influence the overall cost. Higher weight capacity lifts designed for wheelchairs or individuals with mobility aids may be priced higher.

4. How does lift height affect the price of a home hydraulic lift?

The maximum lift height of the hydraulic system can impact the overall cost. Higher lift heights may require more complex engineering, affecting the price.

5. Are there customization options available, and do they affect the price?

Yes, customization options such as finishes, materials, and aesthetic features can influence the price of a home hydraulic lift. Customization may add to the overall cost.

6. What role does installation play in the cost of a home hydraulic lift?

Installation costs vary based on the complexity of the project, the need for structural modifications, and the size of the lift. Homeowners should factor in installation costs when budgeting for a hydraulic lift.

7. How does the brand and manufacturer impact the price of a home hydraulic lift?

Reputable brands and manufacturers may offer higher quality and reliability, but they often come with a higher price tag. Choosing a well-known brand is essential for safety and longevity.

8. Are safety features a significant factor in the pricing of home hydraulic lifts?

Yes, hydraulic lifts with advanced safety features, such as emergency brakes, backup power systems, and in-cabin communication, may be priced higher. Safety features are crucial for user well-being.

9. Do maintenance packages or service contracts affect the overall cost of a home hydraulic lift?

Some manufacturers offer maintenance packages or service contracts, which can affect the overall cost. Homeowners should evaluate the long-term cost benefits of such agreements.

10. Is regulatory compliance a consideration in the pricing of home hydraulic lifts?

Ensuring that the home hydraulic lift complies with local regulations and safety standards may involve additional costs. Compliance is essential for safety and legal considerations.

11. How does energy efficiency impact the price of a home hydraulic lift?

Energy-efficient models designed to minimize power consumption may have a higher initial cost. Homeowners should consider the balance between upfront costs and potential long-term energy savings.

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