Home lift prices Australia supplier with CE

Home lift prices Australia supplier with CE
Home lift prices Australia supplier with CE
Home lift prices Australia supplier with CE
Home lift prices Australia supplier with CE
Home lift prices Australia supplier with CE
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Home lift prices Australia, it has relatively low requirements for civil structures, The hydraulic elevator only needs a load-bearing wall and does not require a machine room. Since the vertical load such as the weight and load of the hydraulic elevator car, all act on the foundation of the shaft through the hydraulic cylinder, the requirements for the construction performance of the top of the shaft are low. It is precise because of the great advantage of low civil engineering requirements that it has almost occupied most of the home elevator market in the past few years.

Home lift prices Australia supplier with CE


With the continuous improvement of people's quality of home life in recent years, home elevators have begun to be chosen and popular by more and more people.

As a manufacturer engaged in the elevator industry for more than ten years, the hydraulic elevator is a product developed by our technical team specifically for private residences.


Home lift prices Australia, it is a highly customized product, Our products are customized. You can tell me your requirements and we will provide customized services for you.which can meet customers' requirements for car size, decoration and bearing capacity. The standard size of cabin is 1200x1000x2100mm, we can also customize the size according to your requirements.


For Home lift prices Australia, We have many models of cabin decorations for your choice, the backboard must be made of stainless steel and the other sides can be made of stainless steel or tempered glass. 


For Home lift prices Australia, the floor of our car is made of PVC, which is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. 

There are many patterns to choose from. The floor style can be recommended according to the preference of different countries. You can also send your favorite patterns. We'll look for similar patterns.


For Home lift prices Australia details:

1. High quality stainless steel and aluminum alloy.

2. Progressive type safety gear, if the cabin drops, this device will lock the cabin immediately to stop dropping.

3. Standardized install process, we will offer customers the installation manual and will guide them online.

4. UPS backup power, when power failure, it will make the cabin to get to the ground.

5. Silent pump station, it is quiet during lifting and lowering.

6. Electromagnetic lock on landing door, it ensures that the landing door will not be opened in danger.

7. Light curtain, when any part of your body is out of the cabin and the light curtain will sense and immediately stop the elevator.

8. Specialized home lift cylinder, reduce maintenance and breakdowns.

For Home lift prices Australia, safety is always the most important. As a manufacturer, we value it most.


When arranging the delivery, the home lift prices Australia, we will pack the different parts in wooden cases to ensure that the lift is not damaged. At the same time, we will attach the installation manual.


For more details about Home lift prices Australia welcome to contact us!

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