Hydraulic goods lift specifications

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Hydraulic goods lift specifications
Hydraulic cargo lift is a product customized according to customer needs, and the specifications of Hydraulic cargo lift, such as platform size, load capacity, lifting height, etc., can be customized. It is an economical, efficient and labor-saving solution for transporting goods.

Goods lift

Goods lift is also called cargo lift. Goods lift is a device that lifts goods by manual operation to complete the safe transportation of upper and lower floors. Mainly used for high-altitude cargo transportation in factory assembly lines, warehouses, parking lots, docks, construction, logistics, etc. Different application scenarios require different specifications of Goods lift.

Goods lift classification

Goods lift is a multifunctional lifting and unloading mechanical equipment. Goods lift can be divided into: fixed goods lift and mobile goods lift, guide rail type goods lift and scissor type (curved arm type) goods lift. Fixed goods lift include: scissor type goods lift, chain type goods lift, loading and unloading platform and attached electric construction platform, etc. Mobile goods lift is divided into: four-wheel mobile lifting platform, two-wheel traction lifting platform, car modified lifting platform, hand-push lifting platform, hand-operated lifting platform, AC and DC dual-purpose lifting platform, battery vehicle-mounted lifting platform Platform, self-propelled lift platform, diesel crank arm self-propelled lift platform, folding arm lift platform, cylinder-type lift platform, aluminum alloy lift platform, as well as special specifications of the lift platform, the lifting height is from 1 meter to 20 meters. Wait. Aluminum alloy lifting platform can be divided into single-column aluminum alloy, double-column aluminum alloy, three-column and four-column aluminum alloy. It can be used in factories, automatic warehouses, parking lots, municipal administration, docks, construction, decoration, logistics, electricity, transportation, petroleum, chemical industry, hotels, gymnasiums, industrial and mining, enterprises and other places. Our goods lift in different classification can be produced according to the specifications required by customers.

Hydraulic goods lifts

Hydraulic lifts mainly realize the lifting function through the pressure transmission of hydraulic oil. Hydraulic goods lifts are a kind of non-scissor hydraulic lifting mechanical equipment. Hydraulic goods lifts is a kind of liftable machine equipment composed of walking mechanism, hydraulic mechanism, electric control mechanism and support mechanism. The hydraulic oil is formed by the vane pump to a certain pressure, and enters the lower end of the hydraulic cylinder through the oil filter, flameproof electromagnetic reversing valve, throttle valve, hydraulic control check valve and balance valve, so that the piston of the hydraulic cylinder moves upwards and lifts the weight. The oil returned from the upper end of the liquid cylinder is returned to the fuel tank through the explosion-proof electromagnetic reversing valve, and its rated pressure is adjusted through the overflow valve, and the reading value of the pressure gauge is observed through the pressure gauge. The work principle of hydraulic goods lifts with different specifications is the same.

Hydraulic goods lifts applicable scenarios

Hydraulic goods lifts are used to transfer goods between the second and third floors of industrial plants, restaurants and restaurants. The specification of lower height is 150-350mm, which is especially suitable for sites where it is impossible to dig pits to install elevators.

Hydraulic goods lift specifications

Most cargo lifts are custom made. The loading capacity could be 1000kg, 2000kg,3000kg or 5000kg etc, and platform could be 2000*3000mm or more bigger. Such as Lift height, Work height, Load capacity and Platform size. All the specifications can be customized for our customers.

Hydraulic goods lifts purchase considerations

When purchasing hydraulic goods lifts, factors such as price and specifications are more important, but customers should first understand the service objects, transportation capacity, work performance and civil design requirements of wells, machine rooms, etc. of hydraulic goods lifts, so as to be more helpful. To choose the elevator that suits you, you can refer to the following aspects:

1. The actual situation of the hoistway

Hydraulic goods lifts must be installed in a closed hoistway environment. The actual situation of the hoistway determines the specifications and dimensions of the final hydraulic goods lifts. Specifically, it includes the width and depth of the hoistway, the conditions of the pit and the machine room, etc.

2. Rated load capacity of the hydraulic goods lifts 

The elevator load capacity (Kg) specified by the manufacturing or design is the main parameter of the hydraulic freight elevator. Generally, there are 1000kg, 1500kg, 2000kg, 3000kg, 5000kg and other specifications to choose from, or customers can put forward non-standard requirements.

3. Rated speed of the hydraulic goods lifts

The elevator speed specified by manufacture or design, in m/s, is the main parameter of the elevator. The general speed of the hydraulic freight elevator is 0.25m/s and 0.2m/s, and it can be designed to a maximum of 0.5m/s in special cases.

4. Size of the hydraulic goods lifts 

Generally, the car size of a hydraulic freight elevator can be understood as the outer net size and the inner net size, expressed as width * depth * height, but the former is more used by customers themselves, and the latter is more used by hydraulic freight elevator manufacturers. The reason is that customers think more about their own use effects, and it is more convenient for hydraulic freight elevator manufacturers to calculate the shaft size based on this, so customers must confirm which car size they need to be quoted.

5. Raise height of the hydraulic goods lifts 

The hydraulic freight elevator runs from the ground floor to the height of the top floor. It must be measured accurately because the lift height determines the length of the hydraulic cylinder, which is relatively expensive.

7. Top level height of the hydraulic goods lifts

The height of the car elevator running from the bottom end station to the top end station is also very important, because the height of the top floor must meet the national acceptance standards.

8. Number of stops and hall doors and sedan doors of the hydraulic goods lifts.

Number of stops and hall doors and sedan doors of the hydraulic goods lifts have a considerable impact on the price.

Hydraulic goods lifts price comparison

Please pay attention to the overall comparison of the price of Hydraulic goods lifts: including the purchase cost of hydraulic goods lifts, the total cost of civil construction, use and after-sales costs, customers must compare comprehensively.

1. From the perspective of procurement cost, Hydraulic goods lifts are definitely more expensive than ordinary elevators, and the higher the floor and lift height, the greater the price difference between the two. And in the case of more than 5 floors, it is generally recommended to use ordinary elevators, which must be confirmed before the design and construction is the best plan.

2. Compared with the total cost of civil engineering, ordinary elevators are more expensive than hydraulic goods lifts, and the specifics are also different according to different regions and civil engineering conditions. (Please note that general hydraulic goods lifts manufacturers are only professionally responsible for hydraulic goods lifts, but have no professional ability to be responsible for civil engineering. Even if they can quote customers, it is generally an outsourcing request, and there are management costs in the middle, so customers are choosing civil engineering manufacturers. It is best to choose a professional civil construction unit, which can not only ensure safety and quality, but also ensure preferential prices.)

3. The cost of use and after-sales, the price of this item is not much different under the same use conditions, and customers do not need to spend too much time on research and comparison here.

An important factor affecting the price is its specification. The price must be different for different specifications.

Custom Hydraulic cargo lift

Hydraulic cargo lifts are divided into rail type hydraulic goods lifts and scissor type hydraulic goods lifts, which have different installation requirements. Hydraulic cargo lift is a product customized according to customer needs, and the specifications of Hydraulic cargo lift, such as platform size, load capacity, lifting height, etc., can be customized. It is an economical, efficient and labor-saving solution for transporting goods. We are a prominent manufacturer and supplier of hydraulic goods lifts. Tuhe lift provides you with OEM and custom hydraulic goods lifts services.

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