Industrial Vertical Platform Lift

Industrial Vertical Platform Lift
Industrial Vertical Platform Lift
Industrial Vertical Platform Lift
Industrial Vertical Platform Lift
Industrial Vertical Platform Lift
Lift height
Work height
Load capacity
Platform size
Power supply
AC 380/220V
Industrial vertical platform lift has a biggest features, it can be customized, such as the platform size,loading weight,lifting height and so on.Industrial vertical platform lift is widely used in the United States, Australia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Industrial vertical platform lift is mainly used in factory assembly lines, cargo warehouses, parking lots, docks, buildings.


What is a industrial vertical platform lift?

Industrial vertical platform lifts are used to transport goods and have a high degree of automation.  It serves fixed lifting equipment on specified floors and requires a firm and safe structure. In order to save investment in power plants and ensure good leveling accuracy, lower rated speeds are often used, and the volume of the car is usually relatively large

The importance of industrial vertical platform lift maintenance.

Industrial vertical platform lift is a large-scale electromechanical equipment with a high degree of automation.  Scientific maintenance can greatly extend the service life of freight elevators.  Elevator is a precision transportation tool, no matter how good the quality of the product, it is impossible to never wear.  For a new freight elevator that has passed installation, commissioning and inspection, whether it can operate safely and reliably after being delivered to use, the key lies in the safety management, perfect maintenance and reasonable use of the freight elevator by the user.  Due to the characteristics of work, normal wear and tear of equipment, aging of electrical appliances, and improper use of freight elevators, freight elevators may affect the performance of freight elevators. The maintenance of industrial vertical platform lift is like a car. Everyone knows that regular maintenance is required.  In order to ensure the safety performance of the car.  Industrial vertical platform lift is regularly maintained every 15 days through a professional freight elevator maintenance unit or a freight elevator manufacturer, so that possible faults can be eliminated in time to ensure the safe use of the industrial vertical platform lift.


The difference between industrial vertical platform lift and home elevator

1. Different main functions

Industrial vertical platform lifts are used to carry goods, passenger elevators, that is, passenger elevators are used to carry people

2. Different equipment

Industrial vertical platform lift is a large-scale mechanical and electrical equipment with a high degree of automation. The home elevator is a vertical elevator powered by a motor. It is equipped with a box-shaped pod for passengers in a multi-story building.  Columns of vertical rigid guide rails.  The size and structure of the car are convenient for passengers to enter and exit, and besides, there are certain decorations.

3. The load capacity is different.

Industrial vertical platform lift has a heavier load than the home elevator.

Classification of industrial vertical platform lift

According to the different structure of the Industrial vertical platform lift: scissor freight elevator, elevating and retracting freight elevator, telescopic freight elevator, etc.

According to the different ways of movement, it is divided into: fixed freight elevator, drag freight elevator, self-propelled freight elevator, vehicle-mounted freight elevator, and drivable freight elevator.

Now the most widely used is the fixed industrial vertical platform lift, which is a kind of lifting equipment with high stability and wide application range.  Mainly used for the transportation of goods between the height difference of the production line, the lifting of large-scale equipment assembly parts, the storage and unloading place and the forklift and other handling vehicles for fast loading and unloading of goods, etc.


Advantages of findustrial vertical platform lift

1. Superior performance: suitable for factories, production lines, warehouses, shopping malls, shopping centers, exhibition halls and other places.

2. Environmental protection advantage: Lubrication-free design, no need to change the oil frequently

3. Quiet operation: gearless synchronous transmission, noise and vibration are greatly improved

4. Energy-saving advantages: low starting current and high transmission efficiency. Compared with other freight elevators on the market, it directly saves 30% of electricity

5. Space saving: compact structure, small size, effective use of hoistway space

6. Can be customized: voltage, platform size, load, etc. can be customized.

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