Hydraulic Vertical Freight Lift

Hydraulic Vertical Freight Lift
Hydraulic Vertical Freight Lift
Hydraulic Vertical Freight Lift
Hydraulic Vertical Freight Lift
Hydraulic Vertical Freight Lift
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Customized Height
Load capacity
1000KG 2000KG or Customized
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Power supply
AC 220V 380V or Customized
Power supply
AC 220V 380V or Customized
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Hydraulic vertical freight lifts are created by people for the purpose of transporting goods. The freight lift has a solid structure, large carrying capacity, stable lifting, simple installation and maintenance, and is an economical and practical low-floor alternative to the ideal cargo transportation equipment for elevators.

What is a Freight lift?

Freight lifts are also called Cargo lift or Goods lift. Hydraulic vertical freight lifts are cargo lifts driven by a hydraulic system; they are used for the straight-line transportation of goods between two or more points on the floor. The function is roughly equivalent to the lift, and different from the passenger lift, the hydraulic lift is only used for cargo transportation. Notices should be posted inside the freight lift, and passengers are prohibited from riding. Freight lifts are designed to move goods and materials throughout building. Compared with passenger elevators, trucks travel at a slower speed, can carry heavier loads, and can withstand harsher working conditions. Freight lift is a kind of vertical cargo transportation equpment that is widely used. It drives the pump station through a motor, and relies on the oil cylinder to drive the chain to drive the hydraulic lift to move horizontally. It is characterized by large carrying capacity and stable lifting. Freight lifts can be classified into commercial freight lifts and industrial freight lifts according to the place of use, and can be divided into scissor-type freight lifts and rail-type freight lifts from the appearance.


Classification of freight lifts

Commercial freight lift and industrial freight lift

Industrial freight lift:

Industrial freight lift is a non-scissor hydraulic lifting mechanical equipment. It is used for the transfer of goods between the second and third floors of industrial plants, restaurants, and restaurants. Industrial freight lift is especially suitable for workplaces where pits cannot be excavated The equipment runs smoothly. The guide rails the guide rail lifts are generally made of channel steel, I-beam steel, and square pipes. The operation is simple and reliable, and the cargo transportation is economical and convenient.

Commercial freight lifts 

Commercial freight lifts are commonly used for the transportation of goods in large shopping malls, supermarkets and other places. They are generally closed. People can reach the target floor with the goods, saving labor costs and improving transportation efficiency. The operation is simple and the operation is stable.


Scissor freight lift and rail freight lift.

Scissor freight lift:

The scissor type freight lift has a stable scissor mechanical structure,which makes the lifting platform higher stability after being raised, and the large working platform and higher bearing capacity make it more efficient. Lifting loading and unloading directly from the ground, with overload safety protection, limit protection functions, the platform can be placed in the pit, the platform and the ground level after the operation, does not occupy ground space, does not affect the passage of the passage. It is widely used in warehouses, workshops, docks and other places where vertical handling is required, and is especially suitable for handling, loading and unloading larger profiles.

Vertical rail freight lift:

Vertical rail-type freight lifts are widely used for transportation between floors. They have the characteristics of simple structure, large load capacity, long service life, convenient maintenance, safety and practicality. Vertical rail-type lift freight lifts are used for special hydraulic elevators transporting goods between floors of buildings. The products are mainly used for transporting goods between various working floors, and car lifting between floors in three-dimensional garages and underground garages. The hydraulic system of the product is equipped with anti-falling and overload safety protection devices, and operation buttons can be set on each floor and the work surface of the lift to realize multi-point control. The guide rail lift has a sturdy structure, large carrying capacity, stable lifting, simple and convenient installation and maintenance, and it is an economical and practical low-floor lift to replace the ideal cargo conveying equipment. According to the installation environment and usage requirements, different optional configurations can be selected.


Advantages of freight lift:

1. Superior performance: suitable for factories, production lines, warehouses, shopping malls, shopping centers, exhibition halls and other places.

2. Environmental protection advantage: Lubrication-free design, no need to change the oil frequently.

3. Quiet operation: no noise and vibration

4. Energy-saving advantage: When going down, it is driven by the pressure generated by its own weight, which greatly saves energy.

5. Space saving: compact structure, small size, effective use of shaft space.

6. Large tonnage load: easily solve your problem of vertical transportation of goods.

7. Low failure rate: Due to the advanced hydraulic system and good control method, the lift operation failure rate can be lower.

Application of freight lift:

freight lifts are widely used, mainly in the following scenarios:

1. Warehouse

2. Car dealers

3. Large supermarket

4. Restaurant

5. Residential

6. Industrial plant

7. Gymnasium


Precautions for using hydraulic vertical freight lift:

1. When using, the work surface should be kept level.

2. When the platform fails, the power supply should be cut off in time for maintenance.

3. It is strictly forbidden to use freight lifts for overloading.

4. Carriage items should be placed in the center of the freight lift.

Maintenance of hydraulic vertical freight lift:

1. The hydraulic oil should be replaced regularly, and the oil level should be lower than the specified oil level, and the oil should be added in time.

2. Add lubricating oil to the chain

3. Regularly tighten the wire rope

4. Keep all agencies clean and clean up the dust in all parts in time

5. Check the effectiveness of each brake, and adjust it in time if it is not sensitive.

How to choose a suitable freight lift:

When choosing to purchase a freight lift, the price and configuration are the points that people pay most attention to. However, when choosing a freight lift, customers should understand the purpose of the freight lift from many aspects, such as the type of goods to be transported, the size of the shaft, and the size of the shaft.

1. Load: The load weight of the freight lift can be customized. The most common load is generally one ton, two tons, three tons, five tons, etc. Evaluate your use of goods that require a cargo lift. For example, suppose you need a lift to transport large and heavy goods, you can choose a large cargo lift. For smaller and lighter cargo, you can choose a medium cargo lift. Overloaded cargo cannot work properly.

2. Platform size: Installed outdoors, the platform can be customized according to customer needs, and is not affected by the shaft.

3. The actual situation of the shaft: the size of the shaft directly determines the size of the freight lift.

4. The speed of the freight lift: Generally, the speed of the freight lift is 0.2m/s, and the speed can be adjusted faster according to customer needs.

5. Lifting height: The lifting height of the hydraulic freight lift must be accurately measured, and its lifting height determines the length of the hydraulic cylinder.

6. Number of floors: the number of parking floors, whether it is equipped with railings and landing doors


Why choose hydraulic vertical freight lift?

The hydraulic vertical freight lifting platform has the functions of anti-falling and interactive interlocking of upper and lower doors. you can set operation buttons on each floor and the working surface of the lifting platform to set up multi-point control for your cargo elevator. Whether used indoors or outdoors freight lifts can make work easier. The freight lift has large bearing capacity, good oil tank sealing, durable, equipped with emergency stop button, power can support manual descent, can be customized according to the actual application environment, can be installed indoors and outdoors, the installation location is unlimited.


The difference between freight lift and elevator:

From the appearance:

Most freight lifts are rectangular and have more space than passenger elevators. The space of the lift is smaller than that of the freight lift. Generally, the design of the lift is closed, and the design of the freight lift is open.


From the inside:

The interior of the freight lift is a platform structure with a non-slip surface without excessive decoration. The interior decoration of the lift can be selected according to the preferences of the buyer.


In terms of speed:

The running speed of the freight lift is generally slower than that of the elevator taking into account its own load and safety.


In terms of load: the load of freight lifts is generally greater than 1000KG, the load of general household elevators is 4000KG, and the load of commercial elevators is 800-1000KG.


From a structural point of view:

Elevators generally need dig pits, and freight lifts can also be installed on the ground where pits cannot be dug. For example, there are underfloor heating, stone floors and other places where it is not easy to dig pits.


Hydraulic vertical freight lift manufacturer:

If you don't know how to choose a vertical hydraulic freight lift, you can contact us, we are a professional manufacturer of hydraulic lift platforms, and we will design the best solution for you according to your needs.


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