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Jinan suppliers staircase electric small disable aluminum wheelchair home lift

JFH/G -240
Lift height
Work height
Load capacity
Platform size
1000*1400mm or customized
Overall size
1300*1400mm or customized
Power supply
220v 50hz single phase or customized

Wheelchair lifts are lifts specifically designed and manufactured for people with disabilities. In order to facilitate the travel and sightseeing of the disabled, in communities, hospitals, schools, hotels, hotels, public places and other places. It can be used indoors or outdoors, with beautiful structure, safety and stability, and easy to use. It can be customized according to your requirements.


Our staircase electric small aluminum wheelchair home lift mainly for disabled people


No Machine Room/No Pit/More Comfortable/ Lifetime Warranty

/Factory Direct Sale


Safety assurances:

1. Emergency button designing: if something unforeseen occurs, pressing the emergency button can stop the lift platform lift up and down;

2. Emergency decline designing: if power off or equipment failure, pressing the emergency decline switch can makethe cabin decline to the ground level slowly.

3. Photoelectric sensors optional installed: if you have special requirement about the photoelectric sensor switch or lightcurtain, it can be installed under the cabin. The lift platform will be stopped lift up and down when some one walk into the forbidden area of the cabin.

4. Anti-explosion valve installedif the hydraulicoil tube explored or leaking oil, and make the pressure reduce suddenly,the anti-explosion valve will work to keep the platform stable and safe.

5.Handicapped men special cabin designed: our technician team makes the humanity designing to disabled men, installing anti-sliding steel board in the platform; designing enough space to ensure the wheelchair can turn round in the cabin, designing stable handrail to keep the handicapped men safe.


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Name: Aidan        time:2021-10-21 09:53:11
The elevator is of good quality, simple to operate, small space, low noise

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