Outdoor Wheelchair Elevator Lift

Outdoor Wheelchair Elevator Lift
Outdoor Wheelchair Elevator Lift
Outdoor Wheelchair Elevator Lift
Outdoor Wheelchair Elevator Lift
Outdoor Wheelchair Elevator Lift
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Outdoor wheelchair elevator lift is an elevator suitable for the disabled. The outdoor wheelchair elevator lift can be installed at home or in a public environment.All parameters can be customized according to customer needs,such as the voltage,lifting height,platform size and so on.The outdoor wheelchair elevator comforms to international standards.


What is an outdoor wheelchair elevator lift?

The outdoor wheelchair elevator lift is an elevator suitable for the disabled. The outdoor wheelchair elevator lift can be installed at home or in a public environment. The width of the entrance and exit of the general international standard should be greater than 0.8m. The standard size we currently provide is 1000*1400mm. Our outdoor wheelchair elevator lift comply with international standards.


Our outdoor wheelchair elevator lift

The outdoor wheelchair elevator lift is a fully customized product. The height (the maximum elevation height is 10.5m), the platform size, the voltage, the platform door, the automatic slope, the car, etc. all support customization. Buy outdoor wheelchair elevator lift now, we are equipped with anti-pressure touch panels for free. Increase the overall safety performance of the outdoor wheelchair elevator lift. The ascent and descent are controlled by remote control and control panel. You can also install a call box of column to make the overall experience better.


Safety settings of indoor outdoor wheelchair elevator lift

1. Anti-pressure touch panel: If there are people or any obstacles at the bottom of the platform, outdoor wheelchair elevator lift will stop running immediately.

2. Landing buffer: When the platform is close to the ground, it will slow down and then land smoothly.

3. Emergency brake: If there is a power failure, the outdoor wheelchair elevator lift’s platform will be locked and will not fall down to ensure the safety of passengers.


Advantages of outdoor wheelchair elevator lift

1. Outdoor wheelchair elevator lift’s price is competitive: its price is lower than that of an elevator, outdoor wheelchair elevator lift can play the same role as an elevator, and it is cost-effective. Anyone can afford it.

2. Outdoor wheelchair elevator lift provides convenience for the disabled and elderly: to enhance the sense of social participation of the disabled and the elderly. Make their lives more convenient.

3. Outdoor wheelchair elevator lift has low space requirements: only need a wall to place the guide rail, easy to install, no need to dig a pit. Outdoor wheelchair elevator lift can be installed indoors or outdoors.




Why choose the outdoor wheelchair elevator lift of Tuhe Company?

Our company is located in Jiyang, the hometown of hydraulic lifts. Our company has been engaged in the production of hydraulic lifts for more than 10 years. We have our own factory. In addition, our products are very popular on domestic B2B or B2C web, such as Taobao, Tmall, Alibaba, and Made-in-China.com. If you buy our outdoor wheelchair elevator lift, don't worry about installation and after-sales issues. We will provide installation instructions and online services. Besides, we also provide a one-year quality guarantee. If there is any damage to the parts, we will express the parts free of charge. Our sales team are very professional and the products are very high quality. TUHE company is trustworthy.


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Name: Geoffrey        time:2022-02-08 11:09:27
Amazing ! These lift products worked so good!

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Super professional! The wheelchair elevator lifts made by this factory are very professional! They never disappointed me!

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The packaging is very good, the quality is very good

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