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Outdoor commercial wheelchair lift

  • *Model:TUWL -1
  • *Lift height:1000mm
  • *Work height:2050mm
  • *Load capacity:400kg
  • *Weight:700kg
  • *Platform size:1000*1400mm or customized
  • *Overall size:1300*1400mm or customized
  • *Power supply:220v 50Hz Single Phase Or Customized
  • *Brand:Tuhe

Outdoor commercial wheelchair lift are permanently installed inside or outside a building or home to provide access, but there are also portable or mobile wheelchair lift models that can be moved to provide accessibility on a temporary basis wherever the lift is needed.


Outdoor commercial wheelchair lift can operate with different types of drive systems. A hydraulic drive pumps hydraulic fluid in and out of a cylinder with a reservoir to move the platform. Hydraulic drive lifts are known to provide a smoother and quieter ride in comparison to a screw drive. They are more costly to build.

Outdoor commercial wheelchair lift has the main Features:

Strong, rust proof structure: suitable for indoor or outdoor use in mild and coastal climate. Anti rust aluminum car wall and floor with non slip platform floor and exit ramp. All steel members are coated with yellow zinc / baking paint powder for rust prevention.

Easy to install integrated solution: overall structure, plug-in power cord, only need fixing screws to install successfully.

Smooth and quiet operation and fast travel of 0.25 meters per second. The standby power supply is configured so that the elevator can be used in case of power failure.

Safety function: safety switch and bottom platform sensor are used to stop the elevator when obstacles are detected, and the emergency stop button and alarm on the lift car.


Outdoor commercial wheelchair lift has safety Functions:

1. Overload protection: hydraulic device with overload protection device. If overloaded, the hydraulic station will automatically release the pressure and stop running.

2. Emergency stop: The elevator can stop immediately in an emergency.

3. Emergency lowering: the platform can be lowered manually when the power is off.

4. Explosion-proof valve: The hydraulic system is equipped with an explosion-proof valve to prevent the platform from dropping suddenly when the tubing breaks.

5. Safety sensor: When the platform descends, if it hits anything, it will stop, so it can protect the operator. (Optional)


The door opening direction of the wheelchair elevator can be customized according to the customer's requirements. The 90 degree corner and the opposite door opening direction can be customized. The size of the platform is generally 1400 * 1000. The customer can also tell us the size of the wheelchair. We can customize the size for the customer separately


Friendly operation panel with safe Handle on the platform Just press the control switch up/down.Threeoperations for user's flexible controlling at any level

Remote control allow user to operatewheelchair lift in different levels anddistance.Operation range is within 30m.

Automatic self-lowering folding ramp provides convenient access for user,Fold up to create a safety barrier in the “up” position


Outdoor commercial wheelchair lift is assembled before transportation, so that after the elevator arrives at the customer site, it only needs to be fixed with simple bolts, and no professional technicians are required,This saves customers a lot of installation costs, and we have a lots of installation cases for users to reference



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