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Wheelchair lift for commercial buildings

JFH/G -300
Lift height
Work height
Load capacity
Platform size
1000*1400mm or customized
Overall size
1300*1400mm or customized
Power supply
220v 50Hz Single Phase Or Customized

Wheather you are an Indoors of homes or public buildings. We can help you find wheelchair lifts that are most suitable for your needs and ensure your safety.Wheelchair lift for commercial buildings are very important to provide barrier-free environments in homes and commercial spaces. They are a good choice for installation spaces where traditional commercial elevators or home elevators are not suitable. Easier to use.


Wheelchair lift for commercial buildings has the main features:

1. Our products are customized, and we're the lift manufacturer, so you can tell me your requirements, we can do it accordingly.

2. Another benefit as a manufacturer is that we can supply you a favorable price.

3. For its safety, we have full-travel anti-fall system. When some unexpected conditions occur, that can stop the running of the lift immediately to keep our safety.

4. Easy to install. Because we ship it as a complete machine, you just need to fix it into the ground and mounted to the wall.

5. The maintenance is easy to handle. Compared to the lift driven by motor, this type doesn't need frequent maintenance. In the normal condition, you just require to change the hydraulic oil every three months to six months.

6. For the inner decoration, many different kinds of patterns can be supplied to you. You can choose it as your preference

The latest technology has brought advanced home lifts to private residences and places in which the elderly are cared for.  Wheelchair lift is used to carry users and wheelchairs up and down staircases and are Easily secured to a staircase. They operate by gliding up and down the staircase of hydraulics or an electric motor, and the user is always in complete control of the lift. The lift can also be controlled by a care giver.


Wheelchair lift for commercial buildings structural system is not much different from the ordinary hydraulic elevator. The wheelchair car adopts the structure of aluminum alloy or stainless steel. The car can be made into a low car or a fully enclosed car. Whether it is made into a low car or a fully enclosed car, it can give the elderly or the disabled enough sense of security


The door opening direction of the wheelchair elevator is not fixed. It can enter from the front, back and forth, or 90 degrees. It can be customized according to the construction site. We have made many safety signs on the inner wall of the car to facilitate operation.


Wheelchair lift for commercial buildings has the main safety measures:

Safety measures

Control Handle

Three Buttons lncluding "Up”"Down”and "Emergency Stop"Button. Power Key Has TwoPositons, "Main Control" andVice-Control". Main Control for Platform Control Panel and Vice Control for Remote Control

Electric Pump Station

Euipped with Anti-explosion Valve, Overflow Valve, Check Valve and Emergency Decline Valve

Emergenc Decline

When Power Off or In OtherCases, Platform Can't Lower Down. Pull The Button to MakePlatform Lower Down Stablely

Automatic Safety Sensor

Stop lowering when come across barrier



We will be packed in strong wooden carton and shipped by sea.Welcome to visit us and negotiate business.We are willing to share our finished project,video and pictures for your review


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