10-20m Hydraulic Trailer Mounted Boom Lift

10-20m Hydraulic Trailer Mounted Boom Lift
10-20m Hydraulic Trailer Mounted Boom Lift
10-20m Hydraulic Trailer Mounted Boom Lift
10-20m Hydraulic Trailer Mounted Boom Lift
10-20m Hydraulic Trailer Mounted Boom Lift
Lift height
Work height
Load capacity
Platform size
Overall size
6300*1680*2100 mm
Power supply
Towable boom lift is easy to move around the job site – simply mount it onto a truck or trailer.Power is flexible with this lift – use AC power, battery, petrol engine, or combine any of the two.Stand comfortably and reach far – this lift can hold up to 200kg, and its working height is from 6 meters (19.68 feet) to 14 meters (45.93 feet).



Depending on the working height, the boom structure and working radius are also different.  The 8-12m boom structure is divided into large and small booms, and the maximum operating radius can reach 6 meters. The boom above 14 meters is divided into large, medium and small booms. The middle boom is a telescopic boom, which greatly increases the operating radius and the maximum operation  The radius can reach 12 meters.


The trailer knuckle boom has a compact structure and adopts new high-quality steel, high strength, light weight, direct access to AC power to start,  automatic hydraulic support legs, safe and simple operation.


This series of product lifts, also known as high-altitude operating vehicles, are widely used in installation, maintenance and climbing operations in municipalities, street lights,  communications, gardens, transportation, docks, airports and ports.

The high-altitude operation device includes a working arm, a lifting mechanism, a power system, a hydraulic system, an electrical system, and a control device. It has the advantages of smooth operation, stable work, automatic leveling, safety and reliability.


The trailer boom lift’s power is optional: DC, AC, AC & DC, diesel and diesel-electric dual use, etc.  Different powers are selected according to the actual needs of customers.


 The workbench can be raised and extended horizontally, with a large span, increasing the working area.  It can rotate 360°, the platform can be automatically leveled, and it is easy to cross obstacles to reach the working position. It is an ideal climbing equipment.


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Name: Adonis W.        time:2021-12-31 13:58:27
The lift is a pretty solid build. Tuhe is really a best choice for us.

Name: Hanks        time:2021-09-10 13:25:59
Really recommend, the express speed is very fast, I love it

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