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We are the leading of home lift, scissor lift and boom lift manufacturer and supplier from china. As a professional lfit manufacturers, we have lift factory,custom all kind of home lift, scissor lift and boom lift for you.We recruit elevator distributors

Home custom shaft structure residential elevators cost canada

Lift height
Work height
Load capacity
Platform size
1000*1000mm or customized
Overall size
1000*1000*2100mm or customized
Power supply
220V 50Hz Single Phase or Customized

Home residential elevators are currently the most popular multifunctional lifting platform on the market. The running speed is fast and stable, the product safety is high, the installation is simple, the floor space is small, and no foundation pit is needed. According to customer needs, frame and glass protection are added, which is safe, beautiful and practical. It is suitable for solving unsupported channels with large height differences between layers


The space installed in the corner does not need to design a shaft. The elevator is installed on the wall or the top ceiling.The car door can be opened at a single angle.Open the door at right angle, open the door through,open the door on three sides, design diversified to meet different wall structures


Full-stroke anti-drop system with high safety factor.We add a safety touch panelunder the platform for the home lift. Once the safety touch panel hits the obstacle during the de-scent, it immediately stopspower and stops falling,thus eliminating the potential danger The power will becut off if press Emergency Stop button, and the ascending /descendingprocess will be stopped.


Elevator cabin style will have more options, you will find one of them that you like


The floor tile for elevator is 100% customized 


There is light on the top ceilings ,style looks more mordern 


Digital Hydraulic Call Box , the direction will be display on the screen 


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Name: Carola Patton        time:2022-05-30 11:21:52
It was the right home lift I want to buy. It was great value.

Name: Y. Owen        time:2022-04-20 13:54:13
Great home lift product exactly what I needed

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