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Tuhe lift
We are the leading of home lift, scissor lift and boom lift manufacturer and supplier from china. As a professional lfit manufacturers, we have lift factory,custom all kind of home lift, scissor lift and boom lift for you.We recruit elevator distributors

Home lift price philippine supplier with elevator kits

Lift height
Work height
Load capacity
Platform size
1000*1000mm or customized
Overall size
1000*1000*2100mm or customized
Power supply
220V 50HZ Single Phase Or Customized

we are philippins factory with elevator kits and this elevator need Non-pit installation,directly fixed to concrete floor it has Emergency stop,The lifting and lowering process can be stopped immediately by pressing the emergency button,the main structure is framework with stainless steel ,suitable for indorr and outdoor


this elevator is with very economical price, it is non pit-mounted (fixed directly to the level of C30 concrete floor, concrete thickness of not less than 200mm),and we have doing many elevator project in  phillppineas a china supplier we welcome you send the measurement to us, we will make a design for you,Our home elevator has been designed to fit into any home environment and is perfect for homeowners who are either looking for help to get around the home, It is an ideal solution for you and your family. Our home elevator can be installed quickly and easily, TUHE Home Lift can be installed almost anywhere in the home thanks to its compact footprint



our home elevator has the explosion ,prevent from hydraulic oil leak out if hydraulic pipe fracture, when the lift going up, it has a electromagnetic lock, the door can not be open during the lift moving


Our hydraulic elevator cabin has many styles, glass cabin, stainless steel cabin both the color and pattern could be customized


The elevator floor tiles also has different pattern to choose


The ceiling and lighting could make the cabin look more morden


If you want to ask anything just fill in the form below and send us. We will contact you within 12 hours.

Name: Kenneth        time:2022-04-22 15:02:12
High quality at a good price. Also, the supplier offers many different sizes and shapes of lifts to help you on various projects that you might have.

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