Quality affordable elevators home lift price in pakistan

Quality affordable elevators home lift price in pakistan
Quality affordable elevators home lift price in pakistan
Quality affordable elevators home lift price in pakistan
Quality affordable elevators home lift price in pakistan
Quality affordable elevators home lift price in pakistan
Lift height
Work height
Load capacity
Platform size
1000*1000mm or customized
Overall size
1000*1000mm or customized
Power supply
220V 50Hz Single Phase or customized
The home elevator lift can be used to lift people with different levels, elevators home lift price is 5,000 US dollars - 10,000 US dollars in pakistan,suitable for home use moving between stairs, from first floor to second floor, or to third floor.Customized product can be done as your request:Lift height: 1m - 12m,Load capacity: 250kg - 500kg



Hydraulic elevator home lift price is very economical for pakistan

Our Hydraulic elevator price is very economical, it mainly relies on hydraulic transmission, which uses the pressure energy of the liquid in the sealed working volume to complete the transmission or conversion of energy or power from the prime mover to the working mechanism. The working medium is hydraulic oil, which is generally described by density, compressibility, viscosity and other parameters. Temperature has a great influence on the viscosity. When the oil temperature rises, the viscosity decreases significantly. High viscosity hydraulic oil is usually used in high temperature and frequently used occasions; High speed, low viscosity hydraulic oil.

We mainly develop lifts for the Pakistani market. The demand for home elevators in the currently booming Pakistan is increasing day by day. Our customized elevator features and set prices are in line with Pakistani needs. Elevators home lift price is  5,000 US dollars - 10,000 US dollars in pakistan


The floor tiles pattern could be customized by your local culture, and we have finished many projects in Pakistan, and the pattern could accordingly to your culture

Modern concise style ,European luxury style, Neo-Chinese style,Modern light luxury lift ,Chinese luxury style lift Post-modern style lift.



Elevators home lift simple to installation in pakistan

1.      Simple to installation: only need the bolts and nuts install the equipment into ground or pit;

2.      Safety to use: the device have 4 safety systems;

3.      Cost-effective: we can support good quality products with the lowest price, and our price is no more than half of the same products made in Europe.

4.      Flexible installed: it can be installed any place, indoors or outdoors.

5.      Flexible designed: the size and height and capacity can be made according to customer’s requirement.


The elevator is has inside call box and a call box will also be installed on the shaft or your wall


We are recruiting Pakistan lift distributors and agents. Welcome people of insight to do a good job in the Pakistani market and serve local customers together.

In most cases, home elevators need to be customized. We customize home elevators for Pakistani customers, because there are different functions, the price will vary. Generally speaking, the price of home elevator is very economical. At present, the price of home elevators we provide is 5,000 US dollars - 10,000 US dollars a set

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Name: Baillie Hilton        time:2022-05-30 11:19:03
This is all you would expect for a home lift. Its made with high quality materials and quality guaranteed.

Name: Gant W.        time:2022-04-21 13:18:45
Looks good. Nice lifts supplier.

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