Small house hydraulic home lift price in india supplier

Small house hydraulic home lift price in india supplier
Small house hydraulic home lift price in india supplier
Small house hydraulic home lift price in india supplier
Small house hydraulic home lift price in india supplier
Small house hydraulic home lift price in india supplier
Lift height
Work height
Load capacity
Platform size
1000*1000mm or customized
Overall size
1000*1000mm*2100mm or customized
Power supply
220V 50Hz Single Phase or customized
Hydraulic elevator is a kind of high-tech system of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic integration. Small house hydraulic home lift price is $5000-$10000. It can be divided into several relatively independent but coordinated subsystems,the lifting speed is around 0.25m/s, the eleavtor is very slient,and we have supplied many times to india only need a very small pit or no pit.


Hydraulic home elevator is widely used, because it needs less space and it is more economical, so it is very popular in the market. At present, our family elevator is exported to many countries, and we also have many customers in India. Because of its hydraulic system, this elevator is relatively safe.


it uses the oil-immersed hydraulic station with very lower noise,the power will be cut off if press emergency stop button, and the movement will be stopped.


Lift cabin could be the aluminum glass type or the full stainless steel type


The floor tiles is not a fixed pattern, we have a list pattern for you to choose. We are a small home elevator supplier from China, we have our own home elevator factory. We can customize floor tiles according to your requirements. In many cases, the price of a fully customized elevator is very high. We usually develop some floor tiles in advance for everyone to choose.


Hydraulic call box could be fixed on the wall or the aluminum structure


We don't just supply friends from India. It will also supply home elevators to the world.

What are the benefits of small home elevators

  • The installation of small home elevators is very convenient. The small home elevators we manufacture are mainly manufactured according to the design principle of villas. They are designed with small pits and must be equipped with a special overhead machine room to save more space.

  • Although small home elevators seem to be very small, they have all functions. Our elevator production factory has also added emergency self-rescue functions to home elevators to make home elevators safer to operate. The home elevator has also added features such as environmental protection and energy saving, and can enter the power saving mode without any operation instruction.

  • Since the spatial structure of each house is different, we will design the home elevator according to the owner's architectural characteristics, so that the home elevator can be better integrated into the decoration design of the home, and the space of the building can be used rationally, which is more in line with you. purchasing needs.

  • You can choose the corresponding type of small home elevator according to your customer's purchasing needs, so home elevator not only provides people with a comfortable home life, but also has a certain ornamental value.

The above is the reason why small household appliances are popular. Small household elevators can not only make reasonable use of space, but also achieve the effect of energy saving and environmental protection. Integrate small home elevators with home decoration, so that the family can truly feel the high-quality home life and enjoy the beauty of life. Therefore, running a small home elevator business is a business with huge potential.

Small house hydraulic home lift price

The price of small household elevators is generally around $5,000 to $10,000. An economical small home elevator will cost around $5,000, while a slightly more comfortable one will cost around $8,000, and a high-end elevator will cost more than $10,000. Due to the different brands and configurations of small home elevators, the price of elevators will also be quite different.

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Name: lORRY.Dr        time:2022-03-17 20:41:32
Small house price is very reasonable. We buy elevators. For our old house, we find professional engineers to design drawings for us. Then we found the company on Google. They gave us professional guidance and gave us a reasonable price for small elevators. Good!

Name: Henrry D        time:2022-03-07 10:30:53
We are from Australia. We are a local elevator dealer. We like small hydraulic lift very much. There is also a very good market in Australia and it is very popular. Small household elevator provides our customers with great convenience. They prefer to pay for this convenience. Our business has also improved greatly. Good!

Name: Jack B        time:2022-03-07 09:47:55
We are from India and are a well-known builder. We bought this small house hydraulic home lift at a suitable price. We have many construction businesses in various provinces, and they all need small hydraulic home lifts We have purchased 8 sets, and the user response is great. We can work with you for a long time.

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