10m Portable Vertical Aluminum Alloy Double Mast Lift For US UK

10m Portable Vertical Aluminum Alloy Double Mast Lift For US UK
10m Portable Vertical Aluminum Alloy Double Mast Lift For US UK
10m Portable Vertical Aluminum Alloy Double Mast Lift For US UK
10m Portable Vertical Aluminum Alloy Double Mast Lift For US UK
10m Portable Vertical Aluminum Alloy Double Mast Lift For US UK
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Vertical aluminum Lifts are made up of high grade aluminum profile. It is mainly used for the installation and maintenance of the narrow spaces such as star hotels,modern workshops,business restaurant,railway stations, exhibition hall and shopping malls.The lifting height ranges from 4m to 18m and lifting capacity varies from 100 to 200kg

10m Portable Vertical Aluminum Alloy Double Mast Lift For US UK


The 10m Portable Vertical Aluminum Alloy Double Mast Lift is an innovative and versatile solution tailored to meet the elevated access needs of both the US and UK markets.

10m Aluminum Alloy Double Mast Lift has a lot of features

The 10m Aluminum Alloy Double Mast Lift is replete with an array of exceptional features that set it apart. Boasting an expansive working range, impressive elevation capabilities, and substantial load capacity, this lift is an investment that truly warrants consideration.

Key Advantages:

Cost-Effective and Versatile:

Renowned for its cost-effectiveness, this lift stands as a versatile solution catering to a multitude of applications. Its adaptability makes it an indispensable asset across diverse industries.

Stability and Durability:

Engineered for stability and built to last, the lift guarantees reliable performance even under demanding conditions. Its robust construction ensures durability, instilling confidence in its operation.

Premium Aluminum Alloy Build:

Crafted from a high-quality 6.5mm aluminum alloy, the lift showcases unparalleled strength and resilience. This material choice contributes to its overall sturdiness and extended service life.

Effortless Operation with Plug-In Tools:

Offering utmost convenience, the lift can be operated seamlessly with plug-in tools. This streamlined process enhances efficiency, allowing operators to focus on their tasks with minimal hindrance.

The 10m Aluminum Alloy Double Mast Lift encompasses a remarkable combination of attributes, making it a superior choice for those seeking excellence in performance, longevity, and ease of use. Its large working range, impressive load capacity, and user-friendly operation underscore its status as a top-tier solution, worthy of your consideration and investment.



10m Aluminum Alloy Double Mast Lift use compact structure. 

Aluminum alloy, light weight and longer service life.

The quality, appearance and material of our products are the best.

1. There is an emergency stop button in the control panel.

2. Plug in outrigger

3.Star board design and scattered gravity.


10m Aluminum Alloy Double Mast Lift has stability and safety.

The 10m Aluminum Alloy Double Mast Lift is synonymous with stability and safety. Equipped with an array of essential features, it guarantees a secure working environment for elevated tasks. Its comprehensive safety package includes an emergency button, ladder, polyurethane wheels, and detachable guardrail. In the event of an unforeseen situation, the lift can be safely and smoothly lowered, prioritizing operator well-being.

Key Features:

Upper Control Button and Detachable Guardrail:

The upper control button ensures effortless operation while the detachable guardrail adds an extra layer of security. This combination not only streamlines accessibility but also allows operators to work with heightened confidence.

Ladder and Emergency Button:

The incorporated ladder facilitates easy access to the lift, promoting efficient work processes. Furthermore, the strategically placed emergency button serves as a fail-safe mechanism, swiftly halting operations when necessary.

Plug-In Outrigger and Polyurethane Wheels:

The plug-in outrigger provides enhanced stability, creating a solid foundation for safe use. Meanwhile, the polyurethane wheels enable smooth maneuverability, enabling the lift to navigate various terrains with ease.

The 10m Aluminum Alloy Double Mast Lift is a testament to our unwavering commitment to providing top-tier equipment that not only meets but exceeds industry safety standards. Rest assured, this lift is designed to empower operators with the confidence and security needed to carry out tasks at elevated heights efficiently and securely.

The 10m Portable Vertical Aluminum Alloy Double Mast Lift caters to the distinct needs of the US and UK markets, exemplifying innovation, safety, and performance. With a focus on elevating operator efficiency and security, this lift stands as a testament to our commitment to providing top-tier solutions for elevated access challenges.


10m Portable Vertical Aluminum Alloy Double Mast Lift For US UK Packing Details

To guarantee the secure delivery of your 10m Portable Vertical Aluminum Alloy Double Mast Lift, we take meticulous care in packaging. The lift is thoughtfully packed within sturdy wooden boxes, meticulously designed to safeguard the product during transit. Our commitment to ensuring the integrity of the goods extends from our facility to your doorstep in US UK, providing you with peace of mind as you await the arrival of your lift. Should you have any specific packaging requirements or concerns, please don't hesitate to communicate them to us. Your satisfaction and the safe arrival of your equipment are our utmost priorities.


1. What is the maximum working height of the 10m Portable Vertical Aluminum Alloy Double Mast Lift?

The lift offers a maximum working height of 10 meters, making it ideal for a variety of tasks that require elevated access.

2. How does the double mast design enhance stability and safety?

The double mast design provides increased stability and rigidity, minimizing swaying during operation. This design feature contributes to a safer working environment at elevated heights.

3. Is this lift suitable for indoor and outdoor use?

Yes, the 10m Portable Vertical Aluminum Alloy Double Mast Lift is versatile and designed for both indoor and outdoor applications, providing reliable performance in various environments.

4. What is the weight capacity of the lift?

The lift has a robust weight capacity that allows it to safely accommodate operators and necessary equipment for various tasks. Please refer to the product specifications for specific weight limits.

5. How easy is it to transport and set up the lift?

The lift is designed for easy transportation and setup. Its portable nature and compact design allow for convenient movement between work locations. It can be assembled quickly and efficiently by trained personnel.

6. Does the lift come with safety features?

Yes, safety is a top priority. The lift is equipped with safety mechanisms such as emergency stop buttons, non-slip platforms, guardrails, and overload protection, ensuring operator well-being during operation.

7. Can this lift be powered by battery or mains electricity?

The lift is available in both battery-powered and mains-powered options, offering flexibility for different work environments. Battery power provides added convenience for locations without easy access to electrical outlets.

8. Is the lift compliant with safety standards in the US and UK?

Yes, the 10m Portable Vertical Aluminum Alloy Double Mast Lift is designed and manufactured to meet or exceed safety standards and regulations in both the US and UK, ensuring a high level of operator safety.

9. What maintenance is required for the lift?

Regular maintenance is essential to ensure the lift's optimal performance and longevity. The lift comes with a maintenance schedule and guidelines that operators should follow to keep it in excellent working condition.

10. How can I inquire about purchasing or renting the lift?

For inquiries about purchasing or renting the 10m Portable Vertical Aluminum Alloy Double Mast Lift, including pricing, availability, and delivery options, please contact our sales team. We'll be happy to assist you with your needs and provide further information.

Feel free to contact us with any additional questions or specific requirements you may have. We're committed to providing you with a safe, efficient, and reliable solution for your elevated access needs in the US and UK.

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This 10m Portable Vertical Aluminum Alloy Double Mast Lift works really great!

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