Commercial Cargo Lifts

Commercial Cargo Lifts
Commercial Cargo Lifts
Commercial Cargo Lifts
Commercial Cargo Lifts
Commercial Cargo Lifts
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Commercial cargo lifts are widely used in commercial places, such as hotels, warehousing and logistics, car shops, and large supermarkets for cargo transportation between different floors.Commercial has the biggest advantage is that it has very small requirements for the installation environment and is simple to install.


The introduction of commercial cargo lifts.

Commercial cargo lifts are elevators that carry goods. Our commercial cargo lifts are widely used in commercial places, such as hotels, warehousing and logistics, car shops, and large supermarkets for cargo transportation between different floors.Its biggest feature is that it can be customized. The voltage, table size, lifting height, load, import and export direction can be customized according to customer needs, and guardrail doors can also be installed. The biggest advantage of the freight cargo lifts are that it has very small requirements for the installation environment and is simple to install.


Commercial cargo lifts safety parts:

1. Explosion-proof valve: Explosion-proof valve plays an important role in the operation of hydraulic commercial cargo lifts. If there is a problem with the hydraulic system, such as the rupture of the oil pipe and the falling speed of the freight elevator too fast, the explosion-proof valve will close quickly, causing the elevator platform to slowly descend, ensuring the safety of the operator and the cargo. Therefore, our company's commercial cargo lifts are safe.

2. Overflow valve: Among the components of the hydraulic commercial cargo lift, the overflow valve is also a very important part. Its role is to stabilize the pressure. If the loaded cargo exceeds the limit specified by the load, the overflow valve starts to work. The overflow valve in the commercial cargo lift serves as a safety protection.

3. Emergency lowering valve: When the power is cut for some reasons, the platform can be lowered to a closer level. This is also an important part to ensure safety.

4. Overload protection locking device: When the load exceeds the load of the commercial cargo lift itself, avoid damage to the commercial cargo lift . Ensure the safety of operators and cargo.

5. Protection chain:Provide safety guarantee for the normal operation of commercial cargo lifts.


The advantages of our commercial cargo lifts compared with traditional cargo lift in the market:

1. Smooth platform table, uniform paint surface, the platform table is cut by machine.

2. It adopts the advanced rust removal technology of shot blasting, which has high production efficiency and no pollution. It is the most advanced rust removal method on the market.

3. Using the electrostatic spraying process, even the uneven bottom surface can be sprayed with a mirror effect.


Custom Commercial Construction Cargo Lift

Commercial construction Cargo Lift is also what we call construction cargo elevator. This equipment is widely used in the construction industry. It is used to carry people and loads, especially its independent cage structure and cab make it comfortable to operate. Safety.

Commercial construction Cargo Lift has a variety of attachment systems that allow the machine to be used in complex and varied construction projects.

On the basis of the traditional construction Cargo Lift, a steel bar conveying device and a concrete conveying device are installed, which can transport various items such as steel bar and concrete, which greatly improves the efficiency of construction.

Commercial construction Cargo Lift (construction elevator) can choose the stepless frequency conversion speed regulation system with advanced performance to realize stepless speed regulation, and the equipment runs more smoothly and without impact.

Commercial construction Cargo Lift has an advanced drive system that not only reduces noise, but also increases headroom and drives more smoothly. The safety factor of the equipment is high, and the safety protection devices are equipped to ensure the safety of construction workers.

The most common safety protection device of Cargo Lift is a fall arrester, the installation of which can greatly improve its operating safety factor. Secondly, the overload protector is also a common protection device. It is composed of sensors, operational amplifiers, control actuators and load indicators, and integrates display, control and alarm functions. When the crane lifts the item, the sensor deforms and converts the load weight into an electrical signal.

By feeding back the force taking (weight sensor) of the lifting structure of the crane to the instrument for collection, comparison, reading, and judgment, the current weight is displayed and the corresponding working condition is indicated, and the crane hook is quickly cut off when the rated weight is exceeded. The lifting circuit prevents the crane from lifting heavy objects, so as to achieve the purpose of protecting the safety of the crane and the operator.

At the same time, each commercial construction Lift is customized, and we can customize freight elevators according to the specific construction environment. Our cargo Lifts have a short delivery period and high quality, which can meet most of your usage and sales needs.

Why choose our commercial cargo lifts?

Our company has been engaged in the hydraulic lift industry and has more experience. We have the most advanced hydraulic technology to bring you a high-quality experience. We have exported to Singapore, Australia, South Korea, Nigeria, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, the United States and so on. We have CE certification and can export to Europe. We have factories, so our prices are more advantageous in the market. Our commercial cargo lifts have one year warranty. During the warranty period, our parts are provided free of charge. The commercial cargo lifts are a fully customized product, which can be customized according to customer needs.

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