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China hydraulic electric vertical wheelchair lift disabled elevator for elder

JFH/G -120
Lift height
Work height
Load capacity
Platform size
1000*1400mm or customized
Overall size
1300*1400mm or customized
Power supply
220v 50hz single phase

Aluminum Wheelchair Lifts are made with aluminum alloy guiderails which is lighter and more stable. No welding working, all parts can be assembled easily. Can be used indoors or outdoors and never rust because of its speical material. Looks more beautiful then traditional steel plate.


Hydraulic Wheelchair Lift Customize for your home


No Machine Room/No Pit/More Comfortable/ Lifetime Warranty

/Factory Direct Sale


Post Switch Control/Optional Parts-Rixed Ramp/Hydraulic Power Unit

The post switch is hierarchical controlling.Platform can be called at

each level of floor.Emergency stop;the lift can be stopped immediately

in case of any emergency.

Optional Parts-Rixed Ramp

There willbe a fixed ramp, for user easy coming in and out. In This way, 

it no need dig a pit

 Hydraulic Power Unit

The hydraulic power unit has incrediable features: small, compact structure, 

lightweight.highly efficent, great working pressure, reliable performance and

 no leaks


Make The Product


Packing Details



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Name: Otto Y.        time:2022-03-08 13:48:27
Love these! The price is great, the quality is amazing, and such a great product. So excited to get these hydraulic electric vertical wheelchair lift!

Name: Chelsea        time:2021-10-21 09:51:46
The equipment has been installed and used, the effect is good, the use is stable, and the cost performance is very high. It is worth buying

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